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Paranormal News and Views for April 23, 2013


Sasquatch thermal image

Thermal image of possible Sasquatch

Bart Cutino

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Sierras Sasquatch evidence thermal footage and investigation
Bart Cutino: In the early morning hours of August 25th, 2012 in the northern Sierras of CA, I was able to film multiple large, bipedal subjects with my FLIR-H-Series handheld unit that we're confidant are Sierras sasquatches quietly spying on our camp from a strategic vantage position and operating comfortably through the hillside tree-line in complete darkness...
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The Lupe Mendoza Bigfoot photographs
Two images of Texas Skunk Ape. An upcoming video will detail the events prior to and after the encounter. According to Michael Merchant, his next video will also establish that the photographs show a dynamic living creature...

Regarding Shooting Bigfoot & the reality of killing a Bigfoot
Musky Allen: With just nine days [release date is April 30th 2013] to go before the premier of Shooting Bigfoot, I would like to post another statement of my position on Rick Dyer, Minnow Films and the creature, "Hank"...

A submarine pilot's plesiosaur sighting
An eyewitness report by a submarine pilot (Captain McCamis) who claimed to have seen an animal which looked like a plesiosaur in the deep waters near Grand Bahama Island...
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New footage: Bigfoot caught on camera in Tyler County, WV
This footage was filmed on Saturday in Tyler County, WV. According the couple they were off-roading in the woods and inadvertently filmed a strange upright figure. They did not notice the creature standing next to the road until they got home and viewed the footage...

Listen to three experts explain their theory on Bigfoot
Three experts in the field of cryptozoology discussed the latest findings and theories in the search for Bigfoot, in separate one-hour appearances...


"I get paid to talk to dead people"
Spiritual medium Marilyn Whall, 56, has visions and premonitions and people who have passed on to the next life communicate with her - sometimes in the strangest places...

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