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Paranormal News and Views for June 11, 2013


Witch prison ghost

Witch prison ghost

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Eerie images of ghostly "spirits" photographed in historical witch's prison
Does the ghost of a condemned witch still haunt the prison where she was held? The current owners of the building think so, and you might too once you get a look at the eerie photos that were snapped there this weekend...
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Woman claims her St. James house is haunted
A Long Island woman lost her husband in a horrific blaze eight years ago, and now a firefighter's widow says her house is haunted. The home is located in St. James. Armed with holy water, a crucifix and burning sage to ward off evil spirits, Jeanette Meyran says laugh if you want, but you don't live here...

Haunted hotel or toxic deathtrap? Three deaths in two months cause supernatural suspicion
An investigation has been launched following the death of an 11-year old boy in the same hotel room where two guests were found dead earlier this year...

Erasing the fear of paranormal
Do spirits exist? Well, ask Gaurav Tiwari, and he will offer a scientific approach towards paranormal phenomenon. The founder of the Indian Paranormal Society, was in the city along with his team on Sunday with the intention to erase inner fears by imparting knowledge and creating awareness about paranormal activities...
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Paranormal activity at Gloucester Folk Museum?
Paranormal investigators have been digging around in a city centre museum looking for things that go bump in the night. A crack team of investigators from the Gloucestershire Paranormal Society visited the museum overnight on Thursday and had exclusive access to every nook and cranny...

1900: Girl weds a ghost
Woman in Oklahoma marries the spirit of her dead fiancé. Witchita, Kan., Oct. 10 Bessie Brown, of Cameron, Okla., is married to a ghost. Furthermore, she and her spectral husband are living together in a five-room cottage. The wedding took place one week ago, and the bride and groom moved at once into their new house, which Miss Brown had furnished with her own money. They are as happy as any young married couple could be, and persons who pass the house can hear them talking and laughing just as if they were both in human form...

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