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Paranormal News and Views for August 24, 2013


Monument Hill crop circle 2013

Monument Hill crop circle 2013

Photo: Frank Laumen

Up-to-the-minute reports of paranormal activity and news from around the world


Slow crop circle season produces two formations within a week
Historically the county of Wiltshire in South West England, home of Stonehenge, has been the focal point for crop circles. Nearly 90 percent of all crop circles have been found in this area, typically in the summer months. However, this season has been slower than usual, with two of the most dramatic and impressive formations being found in the beginning of August...
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Neighbors keep hearing mysterious "boom" in Virginia
Some people living on Grayland Avenue near Carytown told CBS 6 they have heard a mysterious boom sound for the past few months. "It's like a boom that has an echo to it," said Thomas Daniel who lives near Grayland Avenue and S. Sheppard Street...


Top haunted places in the world
Some of us enjoy haunted houses, scary movies, or going out in the dark, but let these real life haunted places raise the hairs on your neck! Let the World Insider Blog guide you to the best haunted destinations in the world!..

Haunted hospital in PHL to be featured in documentary
The abandoned - and allegedly haunted - Clark Air Base hospital in Pampanga will be featured in an episode of National Geographic's upcoming TV-documentary show "I Wouldn't Go In There."..
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Historical newspaper article explains "Bigfoot" in 1958
Shortly on the heels of Jerry Crew's footprint casting in October, 1958, a Seattle, WA man came forth to explain the large footprints found hundreds of miles to the south. The man, Al Corbett, claims that in around 1930, he was aware of a "mentally deficient" Indian youth that was kept chained up by his parents until he eventually broke free of his bonds and ran off...

What qualifications are required to be a cryptozoologist?
Cryptozoology is a field of study with more questions than answers, but that's okay. A good cryptozoologist uses other scientific specializations like chemistry, zoology, micro-biology, and psychology, in the effort to unite previously unknown answers with the questions humans have been asking for centuries...


A Christian theological understanding of hope in the life after death
Life after death is a question ever haunting the mind of many philosophers, scientists, religious men and women and every common man. The question of life after death cannot be scientifically proved. At least science does not present clear data regarding this...
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Commonalities of the near death experience
This 'documentary', put together out of various clips of near-death experiencers and NDE researchers, does an excellent job of listing many of the common elements of these strange experiences through first-hand testimony. Definitely worth your time...
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