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Paranormal News and Views for September 28, 2013


Haunted Taiwan Mansion

Haunted by a woman who hanged herself.

Photo: Gilles Sabrie for The New York Times

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Dilapidated mansion has had many occupants, maybe even a ghost
It was 1949, and the Communists had just defeated the Nationalists in the civil war. Legend has it that during the losing army's rushed retreat to Taiwan, a high-ranking Kuomintang official living in Beijing abandoned his wife, leaving her to fend for herself as the Communists marched into the city. Devastated, the wife (some say she was his concubine) hanged herself from the rafters of their three-story French Baroque-style home. The spirit of the spurned woman, local residents say, has haunted the house ever since...

Top 5 celebrity ghost encounters
If you have ever endured some sort of paranormal encounter then take comfort in knowing that the spirit world also on occasion stops by to visit with some of the biggest names in Hollywood also. Here is a list of the top five biggest celebrity ghost stories to enjoy...
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Is this the scariest road in America?
Ghost sightings, KKK meetings, witches, and even Druidic ceremonies? Named for the mysteriously-vanished settlement of Clinton, Clinton Road in West Milford, Passaic County, New Jersey has scared the hell out of people for decades. It is, quite possibly, the most terrifying road in America...
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Naked haunted house nixed by local officials
Anyone seeking for the unusual thrill of walking through Shocktoberfest naked this Halloween could be out of luck. The Spring Township Board of Supervisors denied the permit necessary for the owners of Shocktoberfest to hold a naked haunted house on the part of the property that falls within township boundaries...


Legendary Dogman seen in Ottawa County?
Several times in the past decade, West Michigan newspapers have reported on a strange canine-like creature people claim to have seen in woodlands - not the legendary Chubacabra, but the Michigan Dogman...
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Mogollon Monster
The Mogollon Monster is a Bigfoot-type creature claimed to inhabit central and eastern Arizona along the Mogollon Rim. It is said to be nocturnal and omnivorous and very territorial. It walks with wide strides leaving 22-inch footprints...

Interview with Larry Cesspooch regarding activity in the Skinwalker Ranch, UT area

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