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Paranormal News and Views for November 16, 2013


Vietnam mystery creature

Giant Vietnam mystery creature: just a whale?

Black-eyed child

Close Encounter with a black-eyed child?

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Monster-sized unidentifiable creature dug up in Vietnam
(You might have to copy and paste the above link to get it to work.) There's a tendency for people, specifically the media, to try and explain away unexplainable things with simple explanations. Such is the case with a monstrous creature that was just dug up over in Vietnam, a massive worm-like monster that looks like something out of a Syfy original film. But this isn't a bad case of CGI we're dealing with here. This is real life...

These Boggy Creek monster witness testimonials are bone-chilling
Can't get enough of Finding Bigfoot this season? Here's more accounts from the site in Arkansas made famous in the early 1970s in the movie...

The Jonathan Bright Nessie picture
The latest issue of Fortean Times features a new story on a Loch Ness Monster photograph. It was taken by Jonathan Bright who was on a mystery tour of Britain back in November 2011. If you want the full story, get the latest issue of Fortean Times...


America’s bloodiest battlefield becomes magnet for ghost hunters
If ghosts exist anywhere in the United States, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, is perhaps the right place to look for them...
(Also read: Haunted Places: Gettysburg Battlefield)

Tales of the paranormal: skeptics and believers
This week Tales of the Paranormal speaks with a lady who has completed her masters in paranormal beliefs...

A quiver of ghosts
The ghostly traditions of Latin America have not received much attention in the English language media, but hauntings form an integral part of the traditions of countries from Mexico to Argentina, with some apparitions dating back centuries...


Spielberg's black eyed child
Were you aware that there is a picture reference of the black eyed children in Close Encounters of the Third Kind?..
(Also read: Encounters with Black-Eyed People)

Crashing into yourself in the air?!
Beachcombing: In the recent dropping things from WW1 planes Beach ran across this bizarre little story. It appeared in a letter to the father of a British flying Corps officer and was later published in a newspaper. What the hell happened here?..

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