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Paranormal News and Views for November 23, 2013


Ohio school ghost

Alyssa haunts the halls of Ohio’s Lyme Elementary school

Photo: Ohio Paranormal Investigations

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Paranormal investigators claim to capture eerie image of “ghost girl” in haunted school
Does the ghost of a little girl named Alyssa haunt the halls of Ohio’s Lyme Elementary school? Investigators from OPI think so, and to prove it, they’ve posted their evidence, an eerie photograph they claim shows a ghost child, online...
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The five most haunted places in the world
A look at the five most famous haunted places across the globe, and the ghostly tales that make them such an attraction...

Shadowy shenanigans at the Shanley Inn: Ghost cat captured on film
Two hours away from the Big Apple, as the thunderbird flies, is a quaint bed and breakfast best known for having more ghosts than guests. Most businesses advertise themselves as being haunted to scare up a few extra bucks, but owner Sal Nicosia delivers the goods without having to wear a sheet. After all, there are 33 permanent residents at the Shanley and tons of photographical and EVP evidence...

NYC's Metropolitan Museum of Art a poltergeist experience
New York's own “Ghost Doctors” led small groups of apprentice ghost hunters through the endless wings, hallways and galleries of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in search of poltergeist activity and ghostly spirits...
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Shirley Maclaine says Downton Abbey castle is haunted
Shirley Maclaine gives up a Downton Abbey secret on Wednesday's episode of "Katie," telling Couric that spirits haunt Highclere Castle, where Downton is filmed...

Bone chilling evidence ghosts exist in a New Orleans home
The residents in this Uptown home (they don’t really want their address to get out) say they’ve felt weird about the place ever since they walked in. One of the roommates at the home was scratched, while another claims she saw a dark figure moving behind her...

Do ghosts exist? Could spirits be real or is all paranormal activity make-believe?
Since nobody has ever proved decisively that ghosts exist they must be make-believe, right? But hang on a minute, there is no definitive proof that ghosts don’t exist, so perhaps they could be real after all...

Study claims EVPs persist, even in controlled environments
Nearly every paranormal investigation these days makes use of recording devices intended to pick up electronic voice phenomena not detectible by human ears at the time of the investigation, but how reliable is it?..


New book about Bigfoot
For centuries, stunned witnesses have reported face-to-face encounters with the bizarre beasts responsible for mystifying us with the tantalizing evidence they leave behind. Mysterious footprints. Eerie screams. Bigfoot are nothing more than large, bipedal apes that mainstream science refuses to accept as real...

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