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Paranormal News and Views for October 26, 2013


Wicklow Gaol

Wicklow Gaol: One of the most haunted places in Ireland.

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A haunting good time in Ireland
The brooding, granite Wicklow Gaol. For much of its history it was a byword for brutality and corruption, especially as it housed prisoners from Ireland's various rebellions against British rule. Surprisingly, many of these inmates seem to be unwilling to leave its dark cell blocks, giving it the reputation of being one of the most haunted places in Ireland...
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Paranormal phenomena at Eau Gallie Cemetery
The names on the headstones at the Eau Gallie Cemetery read like a who’s who of local history. Gleasons are there, as are Rossetters and Hodgsons. So are Hopkinses, Creels, Matherses, Ozakis, Wickhams and Johnsons. Who among them — or with them — still makes spectral appearances around the graves?..

9 haunted spots across America
At least several paranormal investigators, all of whom promise to have witnessed the supernatural, told CNN they believe it to be true. That's why we've taken cues from experienced investigators and experts for fright-inspired destination ideas this Halloween season. Here are some of their favorites...

A how-to guide for ghost hunting
Ghosts—and paranormal phenomena in general—have gained so much popularity in the last decade that they’ve become practically mainstream. Ever since the notion of a scientific approach to paranormal investigation was put into practice, the belief in ghosts finally became something that could be proven… or disproven...
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Ghost in the machine
Tamara Dobbs, a cashier at the Coeur d’Alene Kmart, called to say that cash register No. 2 at the Coeur d’Alene Kmart has a poltergeist inhabiting it. Dobbs said she’s been working at the store for a year and discovered on her first day that “it didn’t behave or act like all the registers. He monkeys with all the sales.” She believes the poltergeist is a male...

Haunting Cape Cod: Tales about things that go bump in the night
It's the spooky time of the year and those who love to feel a shiver down their spines will find plenty of opportunities to do so between now and Halloween. Elaborate haunted houses and scary hayrides with people dressed up like bogeymen are fun, but real stories of ghosts, vampires and marsh people can be even more chilling. Yes, marsh people...

The ghost of Jesse James lies low in the area
Did the ghosts of Frank and Jesse James ever return to the site of the old James adobe on the La Panza Ranch, there in the river flats below the Old Oak Grove? Could be -- and why not?..
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Why belief in the supernatural is only natural
In many parts of the world, belief in witchcraft and magic is alive and well, with people relying on rituals for everything from treating asthma to curbing infidelity. Even if you don't believe in witchcraft outside of Halloween, chances are you believe in some form of the supernatural, even if just the power of the ritual—whether wearing a lucky jersey to bestow luck on your favorite sports team or praying for a sick friend...

Political opinion may be conflicting, but belief in ghosts crosses party lines
Destination America today released the results of a Nielsen Entertainment online study that reveals Americans' behaviors and attitudes surrounding paranormal phenomena. The survey of more than 1,000 men and women aged 18+, found that most Americans (79%) claim some belief in ghosts...

Montana health employee punished for hiring paranormal team to catch office ghost
A city employee in Butte, Montana was reprimanded by her bosses after she let ghostbusters set up an infrared camera in her office building. John DeMuary, co-founder of the Butte Paranormal Investigative Team, told The News he’s convinced the building is haunted...

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