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Top Paranormal Events of 2010


GHOSTS... WEIRD CREATURES... psychic phenomena... there's not a day goes by on this planet that some person does not have an experience or encounter with one of these mysteries. Only a small percentage of these experiences are reported, and an even smaller percentage makes the news. But among those that appeared in the news in the past year, there are a several that stand out. Here's a roundup of many of the most, interesting or important paranormal news stories of 2010.


Haunted Knicks: The New York Knicks basketball team claimed the Skirvin Hilton hotel where they stayed was haunted.

Photo: Children's ghosts haunt Picton cemetery: This photo was thought to show the figures of two ghost children walking in their own paranormal playground. See my analysis here.

Photo: Ghost at a haunted Brit castle: A tourist took a picture of a Brit building in which he saw a pale outline of a ghost.

Nixon haunts library:: Writer Jeffrey Vallance reported that Nixon's Presidential Library is haunted by Nixon himself.

Irish family fled house after son flung from bed: An exorcism was performed on a council house in the Republic of Ireland amid claims that it was haunted...

"Amityville Horror" home went up for sale: The house made famous by the 1970s Amityville Horror film went on sale on Long Island, New York in May, with a price tag of $1.15m.

Did scientists find proof that ghosts exist?: New scientific research published in the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research suggested that at least some hauntings may be genuine.

Skeptical architect witnessed ghostly apparition: Architect Andrzej Blonski claimed that he didn't believe in ghosts, but that changed since witnessing a vanishing woman.

Ghost hunter killed on railroad tracks: In August, an investigator in North Carolina was killed while researching haunting sounds from a 1891 train accident.

Tourist captures spooky image on camera: A spooky spectre took one tourist by surprise when it appeared in her photograph.

Cemetery ghost : A video by an Ohio teenager at a cemetery in Savannah, Ga., was offered as proof of the existence of ghosts.


Sheldrake's telephone telepathy project: Biologist and telepathy researcher Dr. Rupert Sheldrake announced the development of an automated telephone telepathy system.

CIA report confirmed NSA psychic spy program: An article released from the CIA's internal "Studies in Intelligence" revealed in June the existence of a National Security Agency paranormal program.

Uri Geller's Egyptian loot: The psychic bought an uninhabited island because he said it contained an Egyptian treasure brought there by a pharaoh's daughter 3,500 years ago.

Scientific evidence for psychic phenomena: Reported in October, Dr. Bem, a social psychologist at Cornell University, conducted a series of studies that suggest that the human brain can anticipate future experiences.

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