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Top Paranormal Experts: A Call for Professionalism

Remembering the real masters of the paranormal



LONG BEFORE the SciFi reality-TV series, Ghost Hunters, the “real” paranormal/parapsychological investigators, Loyd Auerbach, Christopher Chacon and William Roll were each, independently, conducting their own extraordinary research into ghosts and poltergeists. As a result of television shows about the “paranormal”, many new self-proclaimed paranormal investigators and research groups have sprouted up all over the world. But make no mistake, today’s so-called paranormal researchers still cannot hold a candle to Auerbach, Chacon and Roll and the select few other world-renowned veteran paranormal experts that have been conducting field and laboratory investigations long before reality TV cast a spotlight onto this subject matter.

Amidst the thousands of researchers and investigators now in the world who consider themselves “paranormal researchers,” only a select few perpetually reigning top experts are true veterans of exploring these phenomena and continue to remain as the highest authorities and undisputed experts in their respective areas of the paranormal.

Because the world of the paranormal consists of so many sub-categories, there are researchers and experts that specialize in each category, with the exception of one or two ultimate experts that explore all categories of the paranormal. The many categories of the paranormal include, but are not limited to: Supernatural phenomena (poltergeists, witchcraft, demonic possession, reincarnation, etc.), parapsychological/psychic phenomena (telepathy, clairvoyance, out-of-body experiences, etc.), close encounters and extraterrestrial phenomena, cryptozoology (Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, chupacabras, etc.) and miscellaneous anomalous/Fortean phenomena (crop circles, Bermuda Triangle, raining worms, etc.). Within each of these categories, there are experts who specialize in the investigation and documentation of these phenomena.

The top researchers

In the area of supernatural phenomena, the top field-investigative experts in the world, listed in alphabetical order, are Fr. Gabriele Amorth, Christopher Chacon and William Roll. These three experts are also listed among the top experts in parapsychological/psychic phenomena, along with Loyd Auerbach, Hans Holzer, Brad Steiger, Arthur Hastings, Dean Radin, Marilyn Schlitz and Charles Tart.

In the area of UFO close encounters and extraterrestrial experiences, the top, most recognizable experts are Preston Dennett, Stanton Friedman, Timothy Good, Richard Haines, Bud Hopkins and Bruce Maccabee.

For cryptozoology phenomena, the highest regarded experts are Loren Coleman, Karl Shuker and John Wall, all of whom have conducted field investigations surrounding creatures that defy known categorization and knowledge.

While all these experts specialize in field investigations or lab research of phenomena, the arena of paranormal phenomena must also recognize those highly respected experts who are primarily professional “arm-chair researchers” and collectors of anecdotal paranormal information. One of these was Charles Berlitz, a long-time researcher who specialized in gathering information on a variety of supernatural phenomena for his many books. Another professional arm-chair researcher is William Corliss, a modern-day Charles Fort, who has been documenting reports of anomalous phenomena for his books and website specializing in anomalies.

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