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The Psychic Symphony



Psychics may be people whose frequencies are able to harmonize more easily or more readily with a wide range of other frequencies. In this way, they can “know” what other conscious minds are experiencing, have experienced in the past and will experience in the future. How can they know the future? Again using our musical analogy, the symphony already exists in its entirely, from beginning to end. The psychic is able to “tune in” to notes that exist further on in the symphony. A psychic investigating a murder case in the past can “see” the notes that were played out in that dramatic section of the score.

This can also explain the well-documented psychic connections between parent and child, and between identical twins. A parent and child each have unique vibrational frequencies, but their frequencies may be similar enough that they are more easily harmonized. Since a child literally is created directly from the energy of the parent, perhaps we can assume that their frequencies are similar, in the same way that their physical traits are similar. This is how it is possible for a parent to know that her child has been injured or in danger, even though they many be many hundreds of miles apart.

We have all heard the case studies of twins who also can remotely sense each others’ physical and emotional experiences. Twins, although unique, may have energy frequencies that are so similar that their consciousness can transcend time and space to sometimes know what the other is feeling or experiencing.

Time and space are irrelevant with regard to these frequencies and their ability to communicate with one another.

Precognition and prophecy. Just as the psychic can sense future notes of the symphony, the prophet or seer is able to tune in to the frequencies of future events. Then why aren’t these prophets always right, clear and accurate? Perhaps because the tuning isn’t perfect; the channel is not crystal clear, and the prophet can only get a sense of what those future events will be… or might be.

Ghosts. Most people believe that our consciousness survives the death of our bodies. Our frequencies – or spirits, who we really are, our personalities – survive physical death. We are much more than our bodies. Our physical makeup on this planet is only a small aspect of the totality of our conscious minds in the universe. In the cosmic symphony, our bodies are only the notations on the paper; our consciousness is the music that transcends those notations. Upon death, the frequency of your consciousness (let’s call it your spirit) separates from the body. In some cases – usually in cases of traumatic or violent death, many ghost researchers agree – the spirit lingers or becomes trapped in the surrounding frequencies of the physical life it once possessed, unable to move on. Perhaps they are unaware that their physical and spiritual aspects have separated. They don’t know they are dead.

In other cases, however, these spirits do know they their consciousness has transcended, and they deliberately return. A grandmother’s spirit materializes to her distraught granddaughter to comfort her and assure her that she is well and happy in another world. It happens all the time. Separated from the body, the spirit is able to shift its frequency to materialize in the physical world for a last goodbye. Likewise, a spirit might also be able to manipulate certain frequencies to leave messages on voice recorders in the form of electronic voice phenomena (EVP).

Hauntings. Hauntings are different than ghosts. A haunting is like a recording on an environment: the sound of phantom footsteps trodding up and down a stairway, for example. In this case, perhaps it is possible that the stairway (consisting of its own frequencies) is able to absorb, “remember” or harmonize with the frequencies generated by the repeated act of someone’s energy going up and down those stairs. Under certain conditions, that memory is released and we experience it in the form of a haunting.

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