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Paranormal News

Up-to-the-minute accounts of the paranormal, enigmatic and the unexplained


Unravelling the power, mysteries of the human mind
Hyderabad, May 26: Intuition, premonition, mind reading, ESP, telepathy et al.These are not strange terms and one may have even experienced the mystical concepts occasionally. These concepts and more were demonstrated in a packed auditorium without a flaw just to unravel the amazing power of human mind and its mysteries!..

Man gained fame tracking Bigfoot
Except for a chance encounter one night with a tall, dark stranger, 85-year-old Sam Sherry's name might not now appear on the Internet, in yellowed magazine and newspaper clippings - and in a smattering of books about strange phenomenon. There was little remarkable about Sherry before that night...

Ghost busters on trail of footsteps and a whistle
Professional ghost hunters have conducted a séance and collected video footage during an overnight search of the Old Treasury building in Spring Street. The members of Ghost Hunters of Australia have been investigating claims by employees, including a former curator, that the place is haunted...

Roswell considers building alien theme park
Only in Roswell: City officials want to build a UFO-themed amusement park that would be dubbed the Alien Apex Resort. The officials envision an indoor roller coaster that would take passengers on a simulated alien abduction...

On the trail of those bumps in the night
It is after dark and, ordinarily at such an hour in April, office buildings are unoccupied. The people should have gone home and the only sign of life ought to be the bleeping green light of a dormant photocopier. Tonight, it would seem though, is no ordinary night...
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Pirates of the paranormal
Remember spoon-bending psychic Uri Geller? The cutlery-abusing 70's icon got bent out of shape recently after a video clip debunking his paranormal abilities surfaced on YouTube. Geller sent a DMCA take-down notice to YouTube, claiming the clip infringed his copyright. YouTube removed the clip and suspended the poster's account. The problem?..
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Reputed psychics aid cops
Bill Ward has worked on more than 700 police investigations across the country, everything from missing persons to homicides to bank robberies. Most of the time he doesn't leave his house to work. He says he just sees what happened. Ward, of Lockport, says he is a psychic, an ability he thinks developed after working as a medic during the Vietnam War...

Star Wars' 30 years of Wookiees: Bigfoot inspired?

Man claims new sleepless record
A Cornish man says he has broken the world record for sleep deprivation by staying awake for 11 days and nights...

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