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Yeti evidence is 'convincing' says wildlife expert Sir David Attenborough
Sir David Attenborough believes there is 'very convincing' evidence that yetis exist. Speaking on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, the revered wildlife expert said: 'I'm baffled by the Abominable Snowman - very convincing footprints have been found at 19,000ft. 'No-one does that for a joke. I think it's unanswered.' The yeti is an ape-like creature said to inhabit the Himalayan region of Nepal and Tibet...

Pye Green Tower the centre of supernatural speculation on Facebook
Blackpool and Paris are both famous for their towers. But Cannock’s own landmark Pye Green Tower has become the subject of supernatural speculation on social networking site Facebook. A group celebrating the iconic structure has swelled to nearly 1,000 members since being set up on February 10 by resident Warren Hughes. And speculation is rife as to the tower’s origins, and uses within the Mighty Pye Green Tower group...

Despite skeptics, West Branch Bigfoot devotee making presentations about sightings
An illusion of the light, a figment of the shadows, a trick played on a travel-weary eye? Hard telling. A quick glimpse was all that Phil Shaw and his wife ever received, but he was certain of this much: The creature that crossed the forest clearing stood upright, was much larger than a man and moved in a way that was definitely non-human. "There was an opening in the trees and this guy was just going across there," says Shaw. "She and I looked at each other and at the same time we said, 'Did you see what I saw?'”..

Russian priest to investigate bigfoot sighting in Siberia
A group of people led by the Russian Orthodox Bishop of Kemerovo and a regional official set out on Thursday in search of a bigfoot sighted in the Tashtagol area by hunters, a regional spokesman said. Earlier this week, the Kemerovo regional administration released a report that local hunters had spotted "some hairy humanoid creatures with a height of 1.5-2 meters [5'6"-6']" near the Azass Cave on Mount Shoriya. The report was illustrated with a photograph from inside the cave showing the track of an unidentified creature...

The commonalities of mythical beings
An artist carves a gnome ornament in his German workshop. Though the gnome has become a garden cliché, it originates in tales of little people which are popular throughout the world. Every culture has its myths—tales of monsters and humanoids, spirits and apparitions both friendly and fearsome. Some of these oral traditions date back centuries in each corner of the globe. They evolve independently of each other, yet they bear many similarities...

Ponari & his magic healing stone
The magical faith healing stone of young boy Ponari is big business for a small village in East Java. Even Ponari must go to school. He hasn’t been there for three weeks and this Monday is the time. The school director takes him there personally on his “moped”, and a platoon of riot police officers run alongside the 9 year old prodigy to protect him. It is not easy to get the boy away from his village. Thousands of people crowd between the houses and when they see Ponari they even press harder. But people have to wait because Ponari must go to school. A month ago Ponari was hit by lightning, according to his story...

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