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Five men seeking a ghost’s wife and son
Five men have taken out advertisements in three Chinese dailies seeking a dead man’s wife and son. They claim the ghost of the dead man wanted the wife and son found. In their quest, the five also turned to Datuk Michael Chong, often called on to help in cases involving violent Ah Longs, missing spouses, Internet scams and vengeful partners, to help them with their supernatural problem...
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Occult hit: Witches bucking religion trend
They don't toil over bubbling caldrons or cook lost kids. They have no use for flying monkeys. And their spice racks are more apt to contain ginger or paprika than eye of newt. Still, witches are far from fictional. And according to the most recent American Religious Identification Survey, released earlier this month, there are more of them than ever...

Videos: Arizona's White Mountain Apache Reservation Bigfoot

Bigfoot continues to outsmart mankind
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Argentina: a cattle mutilation in Victoria
Silvia Pérez Simondini: On the evening of March 28, 2009, a new mutilation took place in the city of Victoria, Province of Entre Rios (Argentina) at a small ranch owned by Mr. Ignacio Oñativia. A yearling calf was found mutilated, displaying the same incisions we have been seeing since 2002. The clean cuts can be seen in the photographs, with nothing but small traces of blood left behind. The details surrounding the case are unique: in conversation with Mr. Oñativia, he told me that he only kept four (4) animals at that location, among them a rather troublesome calf who posed a problem when it came to putting it in a pen. However, last night, when he entered his ranch, he saw the three animals inside the pen without anyone’s prompting...

Mutilated cows still a big mystery
In the past month, three different ranchers in Southern Colorado have all reported that their cows were mutilated. The first was reported at the Purgatoire River near Weston, ten days later, another report came in, this time in Trinidad. And the most recent case came last Sunday, when yet another cow was found dead near Walsenburg...

That big, strange critter still a mystery to residents
Maybe it's TJ, who is still on the lam. But it's not the roadkill on Route 472. Theories are emerging about the mysterious creature that a mother and son spotted in Pequea Township within the past six weeks. Tessa Barnett and her son, Austen, who live in Conestoga, saw the reddish, barrel-shaped creature at Cherry Hill Orchards on two separate occasions. They both said it was large, about 200 pounds, had coarse hair and moved in an odd, slithery, scampering way. Heather Conver, of Conestoga, wonders if it's her escaped goat...

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