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Five dimensional data storage and multidimensionality
In an article at TechnologyReview.com, a new data storage technology is discussed whereby different data can be stored in the same physical place without interfering with one another. This is accomplished by using different wavelengths and polarities of light. People who have had experiences with what they believe to be other dimensions not normally accessed by us often describe the experience in terms of "a higher vibration" or even sometimes as "turning in another direction." Both of these ideas are relevant to the new technology discussed. A higher vibration would be a higher frequency, and the polarity of light refers to directionality...
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Ghostwire helps you track down dead people
Love alll things supernatural? It ought to be time to get yourself a Nintendo DSi then, as Sweden-based development studio A Different Game is working on a new title known as Ghostwire. This game will require you to track down real ghosts in real life, with the help of the Nintendo DSi's camera, microphone and touchscreen display. No idea on whether you have the best chances of beating the high score (if any) at the local cemetery, but we reckon this is not meant for the faint hearted...
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Roswell debris confirmed as extraterrestrial: Lab located, scientists named
Newly discovered documents reveal that in the months immediately following the purported 1947 UFO crash at Roswell, secret government studies began on a material that was previously unknown to science. The "memory metal" that was studied precisely matches some of the debris material reported by several witnesses to the crash. Evidence shows that -under military direction- these unique metal studies were undertaken by a contracted laboratory that possessed advanced technical capabilities that the U.S. government itself did not have at the time. A former high-level scientist employed by the involved laboratory has offered a confession that he was tasked to study the crashed UFO material. Information provided by two U.S. Air Force Generals also offers direct support for this discovery...

Archdiocese investigates possible Seelos miracle
Go home and prepare to die. That’s what Mary Ellen Heibel’s doctors at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington told her May 11, 2004, after they discovered that the cancer that had attacked Heibel’s esophagus in 2003 and then a lymph node later that year had spread throughout her body. At the suggestion of a Pittsburgh priest, Heibel began praying a novena in 2005 to Blessed Francis X. Seelos – a 19th-century Redemptorist pastor of her parish who died of yellow fever in 1867 in New Orleans. One week after she began the novena at her parish, Heibel’s cancer disappeared...

A hostage to hallucination
A morbidly fascinating 1984 study on hallucinations in hostages and kidnap victims. The paper is from the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease and contains case studies of people who have been held captive by terrorists, kidnappers, rapists, robbers, enemy troops and, er... UFOs. The reasoning behind including two 'alien abductees' was to compare hallucinations in verified versus unverified hostage situations. Cases of people who were hostages but did not hallucinate are also included...

Paranormal divers plan summer of ghost-hunting in Tampa Bay
Those who die at sea might never leave the water — body or soul. And if they’re still there, perhaps haunting the reefs and shipwrecks where they perished, Paranormal Divers aims to find them. The Cape Coral-based company is preparing for a summer of ghost-hunting in Bay area waters, with investigations of the Gunsmoke, a shrimp trawler that mysteriously sank with a cargo of marijuana 14 miles west of Egmont Key in 1977; the Blackthorn, a Coast Guard buoy tender that collided with a freighter in 1980, killing 23 seamen; and the waters beneath the old Sunshine Skyway, where 35 people died after a freighter rammed the bridge in ‘80...

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