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Wiltshire crop circle

Wiltshire crop circle

Lucy Pringle/PIN

'Amityville Horror' home goes on sale for $1.15m
Six members of the DeFeo family were shot and killed in the house in 1974 The house made famous by the 1970s Amityville Horror film has gone on sale in Long Island, New York, with a price tag of $1.15m (£800,000). The five-bedroom house at 108 Ocean Avenue, Amityville, gained notoriety through the film based on the story of the Lutz family, who moved in in 1975...

Crop circle hiding 'beautiful' maths formula appears in rape seed field
An extraordinary crop circle based on the 'world's most beautiful maths theorem' has appeared in a field next to a windmill in Wiltshire. The complex disc, which measures 300ft across, appeared to the east of Wilton Windmill near Marlborough in a blazing yellow rape seed field. It appeared on Saturday just 25miles from another circle that popped up a fortnight ago by the Iron Age hill fort of Old Sarum...

London's ghostly, haunted pubs
Did you know that London is a hotbed of haunted pubs, rife with ghosts and paranormal carryings-on? Well now you do...

Famous monsters of filmland getting a movie series reboot
We already know that Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine is making a return. Now it seems they're the inspiration for a news series of creature features showcasing five of cinema's most iconic monsters being produced by the ambitious low budget production company Halcyon International Pictures under the banner Famous Monsters of Filmland: Reboot...

Unexplained voices, cold spots, light anomalies? KSAX investigates the Palmer House, Greater Minnesota's most haunted hotel
The legendary Palmer House Hotel is one of the most haunted hotels in the nation. KSAX went inside to find out why. "It operates today as it did in 1900," Owner Kelley Freese said. The Palmer House stands today as it did more than a century ago. As the first building in Sauk Centre to have electricity, it was a destination for many, and Freese said some of those guests haven't left...

Journey into mystery of 'Psychic Apparatus'
The mysterious worlds of the conscious and subconscious, waking and dreaming, deliberate and involuntary actions - and how they all interact - are the subject of a series of video works titled "Psychic Apparatus."..

U. of C. grad, paranormal skeptic
Prolific mathematics and science writer Martin Gardner, known for popularizing recreational mathematics and debunking paranormal claims, died Saturday in Norman. He was 95...

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