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Ball lightning

Ball lightning

National Geographic

New high-resolution photo of the 'Face on Mars' proves Red Planet's most famous landmark is just a rocky hill
It was the startling photograph that spawned a thousand conspiracy theories. A photograph taken by the American Viking 1 Orbiter in July 1976 appeared to show a hill in shape of a human face on the dusty surface of Mars. But a new photograph released today, which was taken with Nasa's high-definition HiRISE camera, finally shows the Face on Mars for what it really is: just a large, rocky hill in the middle of the Martian desert...

Are you a skeptic or believer? Queendom.com reveals results of their paranormal beliefs study
Queendom.com, one of the web's foremost source of personality assessments, knocked on wood, threw salt over their shoulder, and stepped into the world of the paranormal. After releasing their Paranormal Beliefs test and collecting data from over 20,000 people from all walks of life, they uncovered gender, age, ethnic and other differences in views of the supernatural...

The devil goes mowing
From time to time, as a Brit now living in the US, I get asked about Crop Circles. And one case that seems to surface time and again in conversation is that of the so-called Mowing Devil. So, for those who may be interested, I figured I'd relate the odd tale for you in all its weird glory!..

Ball lightning: a shocking (and totally inexplicable) phenomenon
It skitters across the ground, floats in the air, is cold to the touch, and leaves scorch marks. It's been scientifically explained, or hey, it might be a total hallucination. It's ball lightning! Ball lightning is the name given to a group of phenomena that have not been completely explained, or even agreed upon. Of the two words in its name, only the first is shared by all witnesses. According to most eyewitnesses, it glows and is shaped like a ball...

The UFOs and Ghosts of Eastern Airlines: The official airline of the paranormal
Although Eastern Airlines dissolved in 1991, the association that this commercial passenger airline had with the paranormal for the majority of it's life will live on. Eastern Airlines, at least for some of us, will always be associated with ghosts, UFOs and other unexplained phenomena. The airline had a long (and documented) history of credible officials and employees who claimed to have had encounters with the paranormal...

Spruce Lane farmhouse after dark
Steve Genier sat in a wooden chair at the parlour tea table, steps away from where nearly 80 years ago Henry Breckon's body lay prepped for burial. The air was still and hot. The house was silent, the room dark. Genier waited, alone, for something to happen. Then he felt it. A tug - an unmistakable playful pull - on his left shoulder. He jumped out of his chair and looked around. The room was empty...

Team seeks out paranormal at battlefield
Walking around a cemetery can be a little creepy. Now, take away daylight and add an orange, waning moon. Next, throw in some bats and an unusual July chill in the air. Then bring in electromagnetic field detectors and infrared video cameras, and a paranormal investigator's playground has been created...

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