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Ghost-like UFO

Ghost-like UFO... or Mothman?

Photo: Abbey L.

Search for Bigfoot begins in Kemerovo region of Russia
A fourth science expedition has left for Mountain Shoria (a territory in Southern Siberia, east of the Altai Mountains) earlier on Wednesday in search of any traces of the abominable snowman. Taking part in the expedition will be the director of the International Center for Hominology, Igor Burtsev, deputy president of the public association Kosmopoisk, Vasily Dovgoshei, History Doctor Valery Kimeyev and other experts...

Does York woman's holiday picture reveal ghost like image of UFO?
A woman from York captured an unexplained object in her holiday snaps this month, and wants your help identifying it. Abbey Linfoot, 22, was on a European holiday with her boyfriend when she took a photo of this street in Nuremberg. When she looked at the photo later, she saw something she couldn't explain, high above the buildings. ..

Is this The Flatwoods Monster?
There can be few very people within the realms of cryptozoology and ufology that have never heard of the so-called Flatwoods Monster, or Braxton County Monster, of 1952 - a story that is told in-depth in Frank Feschino's 2004 book, The Braxton County Monster: the Cover-Up of the Flatwoods Monster Revealed. So, what was the monstrous entity? A cryptid? An alien? Some form of definitively Fortean beast? Or something else? Over the years, a whole range of theories have surfaced, and, as with so many such cases, the debate continues...

The 13 best haunted house attractions for Halloween 2010
Halloween is big business and among its growth industries are seasonal haunted houses that operate from mid September through October. If you're considering venturing into one, here's some advice from a guy who knows from haunted houses: If you see a grim reaper in a hockey mask, get out of the house as fast as you can...

Tragic spirits loiter in old school's recesses
Old Milton School in Alton, IL, built in 1904, is a hotbed of paranormal activity, stemming from the death of a child by a pedophile that occurred there sometime in the late 1930s. "We have had people run screaming from the building," tour company business manager Marlene Lewis said. "The vibe there is so intense that people have actually become physically ill."..

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