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New College Lane, Oxford Ghost

New College Lane, Oxford Ghost

Photo: Sue Tomlinson

Tourist captures spooky image on camera
Heretic bishops have been burned at the stake and soldiers shot down during the English Civil War so it's not surprising Oxford is regarded as one of the most haunted cities in England. But this spooky spectre took one tourist by surprise when it appeared in her photograph...

Haunted houses: 10 houses with real ghosts
Planning a visit to a haunted house this Halloween? The Cutting Edge Haunted House, built in an abandoned meat packing plant in Fort Worth, Texas, and the Factory of Terror in Canton, Ohio, are duking it out for the honor of being named the world's biggest haunted house. (The Guinness book people measured Cutting Edge tops in 2009, but Factory of Terror measured bigger in 2010. Cutting Edge is asking for a recount, because they said they never bothered to have Guinness measure some of their haunted hallways.)..

Haunted home scary
A Darwin family yesterday claimed to be living in a haunted house - with Harry, their ghost, scaring children in the bathroom and rattling cupboard doors. Jahmaine Sheridan, 10, said yesterday she was "relieved" to hear there were "more ghosts out there" than the one haunting her home in Jingili...

Ghost tours explore the unknown
Some people spend their weekends searching for garage-sale bargains. Others set out to discover new hiking trails. For Kelly Green, weekends were made for hunting ghosts...

The bleeding house
In 1987 Minnie and William Winston had been married forty-four years. For the previous twenty-two years they had rented a six room, red brick home at the corner of Fountain Drive and Morris Street in southwest Atlanta. It was just before midnight on September 8 when Minnie, 77, stepped out of the shower and found the bathroom floor covered with splotches of blood. Mrs. Winston immediately woke her 79-year-old husband, saying, "Come look at all this red stuff coming out of the floor."..

Chickamauga ghosts: Old Green Eyes
The Chickamauga ghost called Old Green Eyes could be the spirit of a regiment still seekings its dead men. Chickamauga was the second bloodiest battle of the Civil War, trailing only Gettysburg in casualties, and appears to be the country's second most haunted historic site. Famed ghost hunter Dale Kaczmarek conducted the first in-depth ghost research at Chickamauga. Edward Tinney, chief historian at the battlefield park, who worked here from 1969-1986, told him the legend of Old Green Eyes, the ghost of a Confederate soldier whose body was destroyed by an artillery shell...

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