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McKenzie River Bigfoot

McKenzie River Bigfoot

McKenzie River Bigfoot

Psychic precognition may exist, Cornell study finds
Prof. Emeritus Daryl Bem, psychology, recently made some discoveries in the field of precognition that have given support to the psychics among us. Titled "Feeling the Future," Bem's paper will be published in next month's issue of The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. The research discussed focuses on the concepts of precognition, or consciously predicting the future, and premonition, having knowledge of events to come. These are both features of a concept that Bem and other psychologists call "psi," more commonly known as "psychic."..

Bigfoot on the McKenzie River follow up
Last summer, Caddis Fly employee Jason Cichy stumbled onto Bigfoot in one of our blog videos. What appeared to be two large hominids were recorded walking around in the frame. Clay Holloway reported the sighting to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, and the video you see here is the on-site scientific analysis of the scene, as well as documentation of bigfoot prints found in the side yard of Ike's Pizza...

Paranormal crash report: man arrested in Manchester
Police have been keen to suppress speculation about the arrest and also play down the rumours that these incidents involved elements of the paranormal. But speculation has been rife and whilst no firm denials have been issued by the police about the circumstances surrounding some of the incidents, any suggestion of paranormal activity has been strongly refuted...

PIHA visits the Haunted Capitol Theater
On November 7th, 2010 the PIHA Grey Team scheduled paranormal investigations at the historic Capitol Theater/Olympia Film Society building in Olympia, WA and came away with some interesting results indicating that possible paranormal activity does exist. These are the results of one of those investigations...

Argentina: mysterious circles in the wheat fields of Salta - UFO or natural phenomenon?
While hundreds of curiosity seekers arrive, digital cameras in hand, to record the new manifestations of "The Chicoana Prints" in Salta, numerous reports are emerging with regard to sightings that occurred prior to the agriglyphs (circles and giant drawings in cultivated fields) being reported in the wheat fields of Las Mesitas, along the access route to the town on provincial highway 32...

The burning bush they'll buy, but not ESP or alien abduction
Practically anything goes at the American Academy of Religion's annual conference, where scholars of dozens of religions convene annually to debate, relate and on occasion mate. Conversation ranges from the Talmud to tantra, from Platonism to Satanism...

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