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Weirdness in Every State - Part 2


True stories of ghosts, monsters and other weirdness in every state

WE CONTINUE OUR trek across the U.S. in search of weird experiences with ghosts and hauntings, creatures and phantoms, and sundry other encounters with the bizarre and the unexplained. Last week we made our way through Alabama to Missouri, and this week we finish the excursion by visiting Montana through Wyoming, proving once again that weirdness happens wherever you are.


Civil War era ghosts. In June, 2000, Walter and his family were taking a cross-country trip by car from western Washington State to Indiana. While stopping in eastern Montana, Walter spotted four riders on horseback, dressed as cavalrymen from 1876. "All I could think of was, Those re-enactors really got their stuff right," says Walter, who is a Civil War buff. He is even able to describe what they looked like in great detail. But Walter's assumption that they were merely re-enactors evaporated when they did - the riders disappeared right before his eyes. Full story.


Cussing phantom phone call. In 1972, Judy was living in Omaha, Nebraska. This was before cell phones, of course, and was used to making and receiving an occasional long distance call. But the call she received on this occasion was the longest she'd ever receive. Judy had a friend at work who was accustomed to using "colorful" language. They were to get together one evening, but Judy backed out, making up an excuse. That night, as it happened, Judy's friend was killed in an accident. Judy felt horrible, thinking that if she had kept the date with her friend, she'd still be alive. Shortly after, Judy received a late-night phone call. "Goddam it, I'm okay," the caller said - in the same voice and manner of her late friend. Full story.


Time skip in Hotel Nevada. "In the September of 2001, I had come to Ely, Nevada to visit a friend," Avon tells us. She was staying at the Hotel Nevada. "I sat up in bed to watch TV until I could relax enough to go to sleep. The next thing I knew, I was standing at the window looking down at a parade on a sunny day." One of the unusual things about the parade, Avon noticed, was that all of the spectators on the sides of the street appeared to be dressed in clothing from a long-ago time period. And the street itself was not paved, but dried mud. The automobiles in the parade were also of an older vintage. Soon, Avon awoke in her bed, mystified by the very real "dream." After doing some research at a local museum, she found complete verification for her vision. Full story.


Camping creature. Kevin and his family were avid campers and preferred the National Forest campground in the White Mountains of New Hampshire near Waterville Valley. They were used to the forest's many wild animals, including bears that sometimes like to sneak into the camp at night. One night in 2001, Kevin was up late poking at the campfire while the rest of the family slept. He heard a noise from the dark surrounding trees. He knew it wasn't a bear. "I flashed my light on it and I saw a face," Kevin recalls. "More than that, I saw a being in the trees. It was naked. It looked gray. And this sounds crazy, but it looked like a person. It was hunched down. It was very muscular. And its legs were backward, like a bird." Then it ran away. But if you're thinking it was just Kevin's imagination, he saw the very same creature again the next night! Full story.


Dime phenomena. We have written about the odd dime phenomenon on this site in the past - dimes inexplicably appearing in mysterious quantities and in odd places. Lisa and members of her family experienced the phenomenon in New Jersey after the death of her Aunt Julie. Strangely, the family began finding dimes all over the place. One night, Julie's husband (Lisa's uncle) looked at a picture of his late wife and said, "Julie-Woolie, if you are leaving these dimes, leave one for me right now." He opened his drawer to get pajamas, and there was a dime in the corner. Full story.


Two places at once. When Don was about six years old, back in 1970, he lived with his family in Hobbs, New Mexico. While his dad worked in the oil fields, Don stayed home with his mother. One morning, his mom awoke to hear footsteps coming toward the bedroom. She was surprised to see her husband come in the room, look at her, then turn and leave. She heard the outside door shut. She was puzzled because he was supposed to be at work. In fact, he was at work. At the very time this strange event took place, Don's father was involved in an accident at work, which caused him to black out! Apparently, he was able to split in two and check on his family when his life was in danger. Full story.

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