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Weirdness in Every State - Part 2



A ghost calls. Dan is a lead investigator for the Central Pennsylvania Paranormal Research Association, based out of Danville, Pennsylvania, and he discovered a few years ago that he doesn't always have to hunt for ghosts - sometimes they call on him! One day Dan was answering e-mail on his computer when he received a phone call from someone named George. George told him he found his contact information online and wanted his group to come investigate his home. "Right off the bat, I found this odd," Dan says, "because our website had not been updated in a very long time and the contact information listed there was outdated." The next morning, Dan called George back with the number George had provided to set up an initial interview. A woman answered and Dan asked for George. "After a long pause, she told me that George was her husband and had been dead almost ten years." Full story.


Werewolf sighting. Werewolves and vampires are all the rage these days, but are there such things as werewolves? Belmont believes she may have seen one on December 16, 2008 near Pawtucket, Rhode Island. She and three of her friends ventured into the woods near her house. "At 1:15 p.m., we saw a black figure moving through the woods," she reports. "It was, I would say, given the distance, six feet tall. The creature's face was elongated, like that of a wolf, but it was humanoid in appearance and ran like a human." The creature took off at incredible speed, Belmont says - and so did she and her friends. Full story.


The ghost dog. Aisis and her friend Jessica were at a South Carolina beach one day, and despite the wind and a bit of rain decided to swim out toward some boulders. Suddenly, Aisis heard Jessica scream for help - she was drowning. Aisis moved to go after her, but slipped and injured her foot. Now they were both calling for help. Seemingly out of nowhere, a large Great Dane appeared. Aisis called to the dog and it swam out to her. Aisis grabbed hold of its neck. Jessica called out to it as well, and the heroic dog swam to her and she grabbed hold as well. With amazing strength, the dog brought them both to shore. That dog was more than just a hero, it seems. When the girls told their parents what had happened, they told the girls that the dog must have been Rescue, a dog that had died about a year earlier while on a rescue mission near those boulders. Full story.


Enemy Swim Lake. When Neon was five, he and his extended family lived out by Enemy Swim Lake in South Dakota in a little housing area for Native Americans mostly. Their home was surrounded by trees. One night, as Neon was walking into the living room, he heard a big noise, as if something large had struck the outside of the house. Everyone was scared half to death. Neon and his mom went out side to investigate, but could find nothing to account for the loud bang. "Enemy Swim Lake is where a Native American war was going on many years ago," Neon says. "So the noise must have been the spirits still thinking they were in a war, or the enemies were thinking that we were part of the war since we are descendents from those Native Americans." Full story.


Mothman. The creature described as Mothman was most commonly known around Point Pleasant, West Virginia, but Sandy reports seeing a similar creature in the middle of Tennessee. Her first sighting was around 10:30 p.m. about 25 miles south of Nashville as she was driving on Bethesda Arno Road. As she rounded a curve in the road, there was the creature. Estimating it to be about 8 feet tall, Sandy also describes it as human in shape, but with a larger than normal head. "The creature's arms were outstretched," she says, "and attached to the wrists of both arms was dark webbing that extended downward and attached at the knees, and also was attached to the torso of the body directly at the underarm and extending downward to the knees." She had a subsequent second sighting, and this time the creature was flying! Full story.


Haunted police station. A retired police officer tells us of a haunted police station in Conroe, Texas. One night when the nighttime sergeant found a door open, he and another officer went to investigate. They heard a scream and the sound of running down the stairs. When they saw the shadow of a person with what looked like a weapon, they opened fire. But the bullets only hit the solid concrete of the walls, and all they heard was derisive laughter. And this wasn't the only incident there. They also heard and saw doors opening and closing of their own accord, the sounds of music and dancing, lights and alarms turning on for no reason, and the apparition of a 13-year-old boy. Full story.

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