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Weirdness in Every State



Apartment ghosts. As one of the original 13 colonies, Connecticut has its share of ghosts. Melissa O. found this out in 2005 when she moved into her apartment in Manchester - a building originally constructed as a mill in the 1800s. Things felt odd to her from the outset, but got stranger and stranger. Her stereo would switch on full blast of its own accord. The front door could be heard opening and closing when no one was there. A shadowy figure could be seen outside the window - impossible since the apartment was on the third floor! Then one night Melissa actually saw the ghost: a little girl in Victorian dress. "She turned her head to look at me, and I was frozen in fear," Melissa says. "I pulled the covers over my head, and when I pulled them back down, she was still there, still looking at me. She then started to fade away, right before my eyes and disappeared." Full story.


Dream UFO. Unidentified flying objects have certainly been seen in every state, and Delaware is no exception. But this in not one of those cases. A reader, identifying him- or herself as Vs2001AD, and family saw a UFO in the summer of 2000 while on their way to a realtor's office near Christiana Mall. "My parents saw something in the sky and told me to look out at it," Vs2001AD says. "I looked out the window frantically and saw a silver object hovering over the realtor's place." Although it turned out to be the Goodyear Blimp, the paranormal twist is that Vs2001AD had seen this very same event in a dream some time before. Full story.


Chupacabras. The infamous "goat-sucker" has been spotted in many states as well, most often in Southern states such as Florida. Nicole wonders if that's what she saw from her backyard in LaBelle, Florida in 1999. She and her friend were planning to camp in the yard that night, sleeping in the bed of her father's pickup. "I was sitting on the tailgate waiting for my friend when I saw this thing running across the driveway," Nicole says. "It stopped right in the middle. At first I couldn't move. Its eyes were a bright green, but once it looked at me, its eyes turned bright red. It turned and ran... well, kinda a mixture of running and hopping." And her description is consistent with those of other alleged chupa sightings: about 3- to 4-feet tall, running on its back legs, small forearms, and spikes running down its spine. Full story.


Raptor sighting. Okay, a chupacabras sighting is one thing, but how about a dinosaur, which we all know went extinct about 65 million years ago? Y. Phillips was on a hunting trip with his grandfather in July, 2008 in a typical Georgia woodland. Suddenly they heard a strange noise. "Something came walking slowly out of the bushes and onto the road maybe 150 yards in front of us," Y. says. "I wasn't even scared, just amazed to see this creature. As crazy as it sounds, it looked just like a raptor from the popular Jurassic Park movies. It had a long, stiff tail, walked on two feet and had short arms. It looked lizard-like and had a huge claw on both of his feet and smaller claws on his arms. Full story.


Past life. Stephanie grew up in Maui... in fact, she may have grown up there more than once since she seems to recall a past life there. It began when she fixated on a big white house that her family would drive by on their way to her grandparents' house. It seemed familiar. When they happened to visit the house, Stephanie was able to tell them all about it - even about rooms and ponds that the house no longer had, but once did. She could even identify and describe her father in her past life, which was verified by an old portrait. Full story.


Abductions. Do extraterrestrials travel all the way from some distant planet to abduct people in Idaho? Tania believes they do. Around 1996, she believes that both she and her husband were victims of alien abductions from their home in Northern Idaho. Her memories of the experiences seemed like dreams, but upon awakening she would find the marks and scars of their examinations. The disturbing events also extended to other members of her family, and followed Tania when she moved to Arizona. Full story.

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