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2010 Reports of Paranormal Activity


There always seems to be paranormal activity going on in just about every corner of the globe. Here's a roundup of the news stories and reports of ghosts, weird creatures, psychic phenomena and other facets of the unexplained that took place in 2010.

Paranormal Activity, Posted January 2, 2010

Ancient earth carvings found in Amazon jungle • Maine tree creature: first blobsquatch of 2010? • Nostradamus 2010 prophecy • Crew to investigate possible cafe haunting • Mother, baby die in labor but are revived • Mystery of Czech haunted house explained • Nick Redfern & Greg Bishop interview • News on mokele-mbembe research • Two largest snow formations yet reported • An Interview with Dr. Charles Tart • Book tells of North Devon pub ghosts

Paranormal Activity, Posted January 5, 2010

Steven Spielberg: "I don't believe in demons or ghosts, but..." • Mysterious giant ice balls discovered on Swedish coastline • Your cable is haunted • "Webisodes" detail paranormal investigations • Production begins on Trick of the Witch • Haunted hotels to keep you awake • Is your home haunted? • The miniature coffins found on Arthur's Seat • Hole in Red Rock Lounge roof still a mystery • Top ten Nessie stories for 2009 • Step out of the darkness enter 2010

Paranormal Activity, Posted January 9, 2010

The Loch Ness Monster: Is Nessie dead? • Brisbane Arts Theatre: Queensland's most haunted site • Michael Jackson's ghost terrifies students in Zimbabwe • Who's haunting The Hotel Bethlehem? • Vampires among us: from bats to psychics • Video: The 'Great North' Sasquatch • Amazon explorers uncover signs of a real El Dorado • The haunting of London's Highgate Cemetery • Workers spooked after finding noose • Seven miracles that saved America • The Winsted wild man

Paranormal Activity, Posted January 12, 2010

NY Knicks say their hotel was haunted • Photo: The Girl at Barwon Park Mansion • Egypt tombs suggest free men built pyramids, not slaves • Mystery object on course to whiz past Earth • Braving ghosts in Lawang's haunted house • Woman claims 19th Century nun "cured cancer" • Was Bigfoot captured on IMAX film? • Kayadi - The Bigfoot of Papua New Guinea • Does personality shape precognitive dream messages? • Israeli rabbi conducts exorcism via Skype • Prime Minister gets psychic reading

Paranormal Activity, Posted January 16, 2010

18% of Americans have experienced ghosts • Are those trees on Mars? Or just an optical illusion? • Chupacabras blamed for farm attack • Can the existence of ghosts be proven? • Different kind of spirits at haunted pub • Alaska's creature: The Hairy Man, The Urayuli • Earthquakes and the unknown • What happened to national park's lake? • Energy fields, trance states, and best options • The powers of a psychic clairvoyant • Sheep gives birth to human-faced lamb

Paranormal Activity, Posted January 20, 2010

Body with "very long" fingers discovered on Plum Island • Ghosts in the underground hospital? • Paranormal Activity sequel in the works • The spooky turn of the doorknob... • Move over vampires, we're loving angels • Paranormal past and present of Fort Lowell • Children's ghosts haunt Picton cemetery • Lost city of Atlantis: buried in Spain'? • What to make of the Yowie? • iPhone perfect tool for improving ESP skills? • Strange cloud sign of an invisible triangle UFO?

Paranormal Activity, Posted January 24, 2010

Bigfoot in Pennsylvania: awaiting hair sample results • Mystery "Buckshaw Beast" savages animals, terrorizes villagers • Competition: Paranormal Activity • Dr. Rupert Sheldrake's telephone telepathy project • Exhibit explores history of sasquatch • Ghost story reporter now spooked • Pterodactyls, mystery cats, and sea serpents • Woman sentenced for burning "haunted" house • Tuning into your psychic abilities • Is this the Great Lakes whale? • New Zealand UFO papers to be made public

Paranormal Activity, Posted January 26, 2010

Bigfoot in Pennsylvania: awaiting hair sample results • Many children "hear voices"; most aren't bothered • Things that go bump in the night • Psychic warned of hotel attack on Twitter • "I had to get out of haunted house!" • Mom's final wishes come with a threat of haunting • A Ouija board just for her • The haunted Princess Theatre • Scientologists "heal" Haiti quake victims using touch • Mutilations remain a mystery • A threatening presence in Sacramento

Paranormal Activity, Posted January 30, 2010

• 17th-century wench haunting Derby pub caught on camera?
• Wolfe Island B&B for sale, but ghosts are sticking around
• The Moon may have formed in a nuclear explosion
• "Werewolf" decapitated dog, posted photo online
• Haiti's homeless haunted by werewolf fears
• Archetypal sub-consciousness and the mind
• Bigfoot hunter says fossil proves creature's existence
• Is your dog psychic? Found out...
• 800-year-old remains of witch doctor found
• Another haunted restaurant?
• Polish beekeeper found still alive in coffin

Paranormal Activity, Posted February 2, 2010

Cat predicts 50 deaths in nursing home
• Believing in Bigfoot
• Big cat sightings
• Historic house site of new paranormal research facility
• Sam Raimi may direct The Shadow
• Bigfoot filmmaker sets sights on Humboldt
• Hunting Marfa Lights
• Lair of the Beasts: Walking with Monsters
• Creative 'aliens' spruce up pal's paddock
• In search of 'Squatch

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