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Have a Paranormal Valentine's Day


Who says the paranormal can’t be romantic? If you and your significant other are both obsessed with the paranormal, there are lots of ways you can share your passion for the unexplained – and each other. Consider trying any or several of the suggestions for enjoying February 14 with your partner.

Go to a haunted hotel or bed and breakfast

What could be cozier than cowering in terror together under the covers at a haunted hotel or bed and breakfast, where long-dead janitors and headless chambermaids play with the lights and pick through your luggage? You might not get much sleep, but hey, it's Valentine's Day and you wouldn't be getting much sleep anyway.

Go on a ghost hunt – just the two of you

You might have gone on ghost hunts with groups, but this is a day when just the two of you can venture out in search of spooks. Take your voice recorders, K2 meters, holy water, sage (and whatever other protection you might need) and head out to that abandoned asylum, warehouse or cemetery to see if you can raise some spirits. Even if you can't communicate with a ghost, you'll at least have a chance to get to know each other better.

Attend a paranormal event or tour

Many of the great haunted locations around the country regularly schedule paranormal events or tours. Ghost-filled places like Rolling Hills Asylum, Eastern State Penitentiary or The Queen Mary – among many others – offer tours, ghost hunts and other special events that will provide a memorable shared experience in a famously haunted landmark.

Go for a psychic reading – just for the fun of it

If you've never had your palm read, a tarot card reading or a psychic analysis, patronizing your local psychic might be a hoot for the both of you to do as a couple. Just be sure the fee is reasonable and that you don't take it too seriously. Look at it as an entertainment rather than a profound psychic experience. Although these storefront seers might not be genuinely psychic, after years of experience they get pretty good at reading people... so who knows what he or she will come up with!

Go for past life readings: Were you together in previous lives?

It will undoubtedly be harder to find a psychic or hypnotist who can give you past life readings, but wouldn't it be fun to find out who you might have been decades or even centuries ago? Again, you should take this kind of reading with a grain of salt and consider it only for its entertainment value. But who knows – you might find out that you were somehow together in previous lives: husband and wife, kissin' cousins, mother and son, dog and master....

Test each other’s psychic ability with Zener cards

You might already know what each other is thinking, especially if you've been married for while, but now you can have a chance to prove your psychic abilities. There are a number of online ESP tests, but it would be better to have a more one-on-one test of your psychic connection with Zener cards, regular playing cards or some other secret items. Perhaps you can even come up with your own special reward system for sensing the correct cards!

Go camping or snowshoeing in Bigfoot country

Yes, it's still winter on Valentine's Day here in the Northern Hemisphere, but some places in the south are warm enough to go camping. And in the north there's always cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. But for the paranormal-minded, you'll want to make sure you're heading out into Bigfoot country. And lord knows the Big Hairy One has been spotted in just about every state and province. You might even come across ol' Sasquatch and his significantly hairy other out on a Valentine's date.

Go to or rent a spooky movie

Movies are a traditional couple’s activity on Valentine’s Day, but forget the romantic chick flicks. As a paranormal couple you’ll want to huddle together through a ghost or horror movie. There’s almost always one in the theaters. More intimate still, stay home and rent the newest release or pull one out of your vast collection. Revisit a classic, such as the original Frankenstein or The Exorcist. If you prefer the newer stuff, watch The Ring, Paranormal Activity or the Twilight series for the 58th time. They’ll have you biting each other’s necks in no time.

Use love potions and spells

What's that? You don't have a partner to share Valentine's Day with? Sorry about that. You might have to resort to a little white magic in the form of a love potion or spell. Then when next Valentine's Day comes around, you'll be able to re-read this article and start checking off the list.

What NOT to do on Valentine's Day with your significant other:

  • Take a rowboat out into the Bermuda Triangle
  • Experiment with spontaneous human combustion 
  • Create crop circles in your neighbor's yard 
  • Decide to raise chupacabras together
  • Have a joint exorcism
  • Get in a time machine and see what your lives will be like in 20 years – big mistake
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