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12 great holiday gifts for fans of the paranormal


Looking for holiday gifts with a decidedly paranormal twist? Here are some suggestions for friends and family -- or perhaps a treat for yourself. You'll find items in a wide price range to suit any budget, and for just about any age. Shop now so you'll get the goods in time for the holidays.

1. Paranormal movies

When paranormal fans aren't out there scaring up ghosts and monsters, they're watching movies about them. DVDs and Blu-ray videos about ghosts, hauntings, aliens, and other phenomena always make great gifts. Here are some new releases to consider:


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2. TV season compilation DVDs


There is no shortage of paranormal-themed TV shows to watch these days. In fact it's hard to find a show that doesn't have some supernatural element. Chances are, favorite shows are available in season boxed sets and make great gifts for fans who can't get enough of them. There's:

... just to name a few.

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3. Paranormal books


One of the best ways to get good information from top-notch researchers is in book form. (Yes, they still make books out of paper.) There many excellent paranormal-themed books out there that make great presents. Here are some new books I can recommend:

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4. Nail Biter Zombie Hammer


If you fear the Zombie Apocalypse, then you'll need something to smash into the skulls of the undead. Zombiehammer offers a number of specialized weapons for that very purpose, including this Nail Biter, perfect for stopping those zombie in their leg-dragging tracks; $79.95.

5. Stack and Scare Monster Blocks


Here's one for the kiddies, training them to become little Dr. Frankensteins, building their own creatures with these Stack and Scare Monster Blocks. This 18-piece set features wooden scalloped dowels, scales, robotic diodes, monster heads, hands, feet, patterns and more. Mix and match shapes or combine with other Stack and Scare sets to unleash endless creature combinations. $48.00

6. Vintage Skeleton Pocket Watch


Even vampires, steampunks, goths, and pirates need to keep time, and this cool pocket watch will match whatever else they're wearing. The watch features a skeletal cover and a skull with movable jaw. $28.99

7. The Original Walking Dead T-Shirt


For those enamored of zombies, let us not forget who the original "walking dead" was: the Frankenstein Monster. Remind everyone else of that fact with this "The Original Walking Dead" T-shirt. It's made of 100% preshrunk ComfortSoft® cotton and is available in any size you'll need. $14.95

8. Magnetic Poetry Edgar Allen Poet Kit


You've probably seen these magnetic poetry sets before, but this one is themed with the gothic darkness of Edgar Allan Poe. The kit contains more than 200 themed magnetic word tiles, including "lonely," "forebode," "shiver," "evil," "truth," and of course, "raven" among many others. See what ominous verses you can create on your refrigerator. $10.60

9. Ghost hunting equipment and supplies


I'll bet you know at least one ghost hunter... and you might be one yourself. And every ghost hunter has a wish list of desired equipment for their investigations. The GhostHunter Store has a full line of gadgets and supplies, including EMF detectors, thermometers, motion sensors, EVP equipment, thermal imaging, night vision equipment, equipment cases, and ghost hunting starter kits. Newer items include Full Spectrum or IR Mini Camera/Video Camera, 3-Axis Vibration & Movement Detection With RGB LED Array, Talker II by Digital Dowsing, Ghost Box with FM Sweep Only/ Amplified Speaker, and much more. You'll also find books, DVDs, software, and other items.

10. Tentacle Attack Metal Art Bookends


Here are the perfect bookends for all your paranormal books: a tentacled monster from the briny deep with a lovely distressed damsel in its tentacles. Made from solid steel and finished in hammered black, this two-piece set measures 6-1/2" tall x 6-1/2" wide x 4" deep. $64.99

11. Printed paranormal gifts


CafePress offers a wide assortment of imprinted gifts for the paranormal geek, including clocks, phone cases, T-shirts, sweat shirts, buttons, bumper stickers, mugs, journals, magnets, calendars, license plate frames, hats, mouse pads (Paranormal Activity 4 mousepad pictured), key chains, greeting cards, decals, tote bags, ghost hunting journals, and more. They have a wide selection of available designs, logos and sayings, or you can even design your own for a customized, personalized gift.

12. Magazine subscriptions


Magazine subscriptions make great gifts because they remind the recipient every month or so just how wonderful and thoughtful you are for giving it to them. Consider these:

  • FATE Magazine - Cryptozoology, Fortean phenomena, ghosts, science, UFOs, spirituality, and more. Print or E-Editions available.
  • Atlantis Rising - Ancient mysteries, unexplained anomalies, future science.
  • ForteanTimes - News, reviews and research on strange phenomena and experiences, curiosities, prodigies and portents.
  • Open Minds - UFO news and investigations.
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