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My Ghost Story

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My Ghost Story

My Ghost Story

bio Channel

The Bottom Line

Two thumbs up on this one. Definitely worth watching.


  • Good, credible stories.
  • Well told by the people who experienced them.
  • Usually accompanied by interesting video or photos.
  • Minimum of hype, dumb camera effects.


  • Video and photos not assessed critically by researchers.


  • On The Bio Channel.
  • 1 hour.
  • Currently on Saturday nights at 10 p.m. (check local listings).
  • True experiences with video and / or photos.

Guide Review - My Ghost Story

The bio Channel has a very good new show called My Ghost Story that follows Celebrity Ghost Stories, which I also like, on Saturday nights. The premise of the show is that people relate their recent experiences with ghost, haunting or poltergeist activity -- and usually have video, photo or audio documentation.

What I like about the show is that the stories are presented by the experiencers themselves in a straightforward manner. The stories are usually well-told and are compelling, for the most part; the people are believable. And some of the video and photos they have can be quite interesting. Yes, there are some that have the ubiquitous "orbs" and other anomalies that can be explained away by knowlegeable researchers, but others capture what appears to be genuine poltergeist or psychokinetic activity. (I say "appears" because we cannot know definitively since this kind of thing can easily be faked.) But, as I said, the people come across as rather convincing.

Thankfully, the producers let the people, stories and video speak for themselves to a large extent. There's a minimum of reenactment, "spooky" camera work, effects, etc. There's some of that -- enough to tell the story -- but it's not overwhelming as it is on some other shows.

Finally! Here's a paranormal show I actually look forward to watching every week.

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 5 out of 5
, Member coatang

I absolutely love your show. Have had 2 cases now happen. If I can I would love to maybe have a small answer to my 2 rescent disturbing incidents. Both have put me in alotof fear!My dog was involved and children and animals are the best seeing of the unbelieving.!!

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