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Planetary and Moon Anomalies

What you need to know about the many weird things out there in space, including anomalies on the Moon, Mars, the Sun and the other members of the Solar System.
  1. Lunar Anomalies (18)
  2. Mars Anomalies (19)
  3. Solar Anomalies (4)
  4. Z. Sitchin / Niburu (12)

Alien Artifacts in the Solar System?
In 1991 a strange object passed within celestial spitting distance of the Earth, causing surprise disquiet among astronomers before vanishing into the depths of space. The object was catalogued as “1991 VG,” and to this day it remains a mystery.

Galileo's Most Marvelous Discovery?
The Galileo probe sent back close-up pictures of Calisto, a moon of Jupiter. Richard Hoagland believes they show artificial structures.

Iapetus: Moon with a View
Fascinating anomalies on Saturn's moon Iapetus, including its strange 4 million-foot-long equatorial ridge, box-like structures, a tower-like structure, and more.

Jupiter is Ready for The Starchild Birth
Everybody is focused on the astonishing solar activity we have witnessed recently. But events elsewhere in the solar system may soon be coming to our attention.

The Search for Planet X
The search for the elusive tenth planet, called Nibiru by some, which they believe is out there... somewhere.

Space Anomalies
Reviewing many of the unexplained anomalies on the Moon, other planets of the Solar System and their moons, as well as the legendary Nibiru.

Mystery Moons
Your True Tales of Mystery Moons - February 2011

Watched by a Star
Watched by a Star - Your True Tales - October 2009

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