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Thanksgiving Poltergeist



I am off from work day because of the Thanksgiving holiday. My husband and I decided to just take it easy today (which hardly ever happens). So we sat around, then, since it was cold outside and there was nothing of any worth on the tube, decided to go into our large shed to enjoy the warmth of our wood fired heater, and chat and lie around a bit. We have it set up in there almost like a rough apartment, with beds, tables, etc. We did this so that we could have a place to stay warm when we lose the electricity because of frequent ice storms in the winter here.

I was lying on the bed and he was in his chair. We must have dozed off for a little while, when we heard a very loud BANG! -- so loud that my husband jumped completely out of his chair. I opened my eyes just in time to see a tin can lid come out of nowhere and fly 20 feet across the shed, skidding to a halt under the leg of a folding chair that was standing in front of where I was sleeping!

At first we thought that it was a stray bullet from a hunter, but when we looked, we never found any evidence, and we looked all over: at the roof, walls, everything. We also looked under all the furniture, and we've never found that lid, nor do we have anything it would fit. The door was closed and locked, as were the windows.

The funny thing was, before I fell asleep, I made the comment that I couldn't nap in the house because of the telephone ringing, traffic noises and our teenager bugging me. Figures. Now I can't sleep in the shed either. We feel as if whatever did that was angry with us. Perhaps the original "owner" of the shed, whom we are aware of at times, thought we were being lazy! (Which we were.) The house and the shed are very old, dating back to at least the late 1800s, so I have no doubt that the strange and sometimes downright terrifying things that go on around here are leftovers from the past.

Note: There is an entire fingerprint (looks like some kind of ink) way up high on one of the rafters. I guess it's from the person who built the shed a long, long, time ago.

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