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Hospital Ghosts



About a month and a half ago, my great aunt had a bad fall and broke her hip. When my grandmother came home from the hospital, strange events began to occur in my house.

Well, I guess I should mention that my family has always been like a beacon for paranormal phenomena as ever since I can remember weird things have happened around me.

The first thing that happened after my aunt's injury: my mother has a picture hanging on her sliding closet door under a bunch of posters; it was made by a six-year-old and is very glittery. It began swinging back and forth on the nail. After a while, it will swing very hard then get stuck on the bottom of the poster above it.

We would fix this and the next time we saw it it would be stuck again. After that had been going on for about a week, we began to hear things moving in the kitchen at night and the coffee maker would turn on. As all this was happening, and we being the very non-skeptical family, we are we tried to ignore it.

One night, as my grandfather was sleeping, both my mother and I heard a door slam shut. It was very forceful. My mother and I went into the hall and simutaneously asked, "Why did you slam your door?" Neither of us had. As I turned to go back into my room I saw my grandpa's door was closed, when only minutes before it had been open.

I told my mother this and we figured my grandpa had gotten mad because we had woken him up. We decided to ask the following day. We were very surprised to find out that not only had he not shut his door but he hadn't heard it either.

That following weekend I was home alone because the rest of my family was either working or at a craft fair. I got the mail and came back inside and went to my bedroom. Only minutes after entering my room, I heard clearly the words, "Don't do that," in a woman's voice and I thought it was my grandma getting home and scolding my sister for something. I went out into the hallway and saw no one.

I checked every room in my house. Nobody. I went back to my room, already knowing what it was, and being unafraid. The moment my door closed, I heard things moving in the kitchen and drawers opening. I just turned on my TV and ignored it.

An hour or so later, I went into my mother's room to get my basket of clothes and as I bent over to get it, I heard a distinct swish... swish... swish sound. I turned around and saw the picture on her closet swinging then get stuck. I fixed it and went on my way.

I was in my bathroom doing my hair and makeup in front of a full vanity mirror. In the mirror, I could see my grandma's TV and I saw something funny in it. I looked closer and saw the figure of a person walking in front of their TV, yet there was nobody in the room.

I got out of there and finished my makeup in the living room with the TV on. It was beginning to freak me out a bit. Then I was done with my makeup and was just watching TV when I saw somebody peeking around the corner of the kitchen/living room wall. I turned and saw them disappear around the corner. I could see hair moving and everything. I had had enough.

I walked into the hallway and shouted, "Stop! I am tired of this please stop!" It stopped. The next day my mom heard whistling in the laundry room. She was alone. We aren't sure, but after discussing it and getting a timeline of events made up, we believe something followed my grandma home from the hospital because there are at least three separate entities. Three people died while my grandma was in the hospital. These occurences are still happening, but they have cooled down a bit since we asked them to stop.

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