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Haunted House in Saratoga Springs



These events that take place occurred between summer of 2004 and the spring of 2006. We moved from Rochester, New York to Saratoga Springs in search of a better place to live, and we believed we had found it.

It was a beautiful old house with three bedrooms. Unfortunately, it got scary the longer we lived there. When we first moved in, the radio would occasionally turn on full volume. When my friend came up to visit us (I moved there with my husband and two children) we were sitting in the living room chatting about our lives so far, and we heard a loud crash in the kitchen.

We ran out there to find all of the drawers and cupboards open and everything scattered on the floor. This was quite strange because everything was child-proofed and nothing was broken. About a month later, my children were playing in the living room, and R____ turned toward me to show me her Legos, and the firetruck sitting next to my 8-month-old son flew up and hit her on the head.

She started crying and was blaming her brother, but I didn't want to scare her, so I sent her to her room and carried her brother up as well and put him in his crib in the room across from her.

About a year passed and nothing worse than radio activity was occurring, so I believed the worst was over.

However, my daughter started to have nightmares, so she would wake up at night, and she said she would hear someone whispering her name -- sometimes close to her and other times from her brother's room. She also said that P______'s toys would be moving around in his room.

However, in the morning when I went up to get P_____, his room was always how I left it. It got really creepy in the winter of '06 when P______ was starting to talk. I would come up early in the morning and his toys would be all over the place and he would be angry, saying, "Make boy stop playing my toys." If I told him there was no boy, he would get angrier so I tried to ignore it.

In around February of '06, I was cooking chocolate chip cookies to celebrate my daughter's good report card. The drawers next to me opened, and a fork slid off the counter. I couldn't deny that that house was haunted any more, and in March, my children and I moved in with our in-laws back in Rochester, as our husband waited in Saratoga to find a job in Rochester.

After my husband found a job and moved out, our old landlord called us and told us that the house used to be the dining hall of a mental institution where many people had died. Now, it makes sense why the rent was only $900 for a 2,000 sq. ft. house!

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