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Poltergeist Attack



My parents' house has always been kind of odd. My parents told me as a child I used to scream in the middle of the night, come dashing into their room and start carrying on about a monster in the closet.

I don't remember any of that, but I do remember one night hearing movement in the closet and then a sort of whining sound and an eerie, "Hellooo...." I was a bit older around that time... too old to go running into my parents' room, so I just huddled under the covers with my lights on the rest of the night.

Fast foward to present day: My parents asked me to house-sit for them while they were out of the country for a few weeks. This happened last month (February 2nd - 27th, 2011) in Cecil County, Maryland. They said they'd pay me, so I said I would be happy to.

The third day they were gone, I had just left the house for work when I realized I forgot to turn off the coffee machine. I drove back, quickly unlocked the door, ran in and then stopped in horror: The candy jar that normally sat on the kitchen counter, was somehow empty and placed laying on its side in the center of the living room.

Then something else caught my eye: The basement door which is normally locked (we use it for storage and almost never go down there unless we need Halloween or Christmas stuff) was wide open! Now I know I didn't unlock it. And who was in the candy jar? Even if the wind from me rushing around somehow knocked the jar off the counter, how did it roll through the kitchen, AROUND the couch and completely empty itself in a matter of a few seconds?

Thinking quickly, I grabbed the biggest carving knife my parents' own and searched the entire house for the intruder. I even scoured the basement and attic. I looked under beds and in closets. Doors and windows were all still locked up tight. There was clearly nobody else in that house but me. Even so, I tried to convince myself that a neighbor had come in to check on the house. That's the only possible answer, wasn't it? Even IF it had only been about two minutes from the time I left the house to the time I re-entered it. So I turned the coffee maker off and continued on my way to work.

I was still a bit shaken as I returned home that night, but very tired and was looking forward to relaxing on my parents' big sofa and taking full advantage of satellite TV. Upon my arrival back, I checked the entire house once again, just to be sure I was alone.

Then I changed into some jammies and walked back into the living room... only to discover the lights blinking rapidly on and off on their own accord. As I approached the nearest lamp, the light flickered even faster. When I stood back, the light slowly glimmered. Yet when I neared it once again, it picked up speed, blinking rapidly.

Then a soft humming sound reverberated around the room. I gaped in shock as the lights blinked even faster and the humming/buzzing noise grew in octaves. It lasted several seconds, but it seemed hours and it felt like I was in a trance, hypnotized by the lights and noise.

I forced myself to break free of it and took a large step toward the lamp once more and everything ceased. The lights went out and the humming stopped. I went and changed the light bulbs, and no further incidences happened that night.

After that strange day, nothing else really happpened at all, although every so often, I had the sensation of being watched, and sometimes while I was in my old bedroom lying down, I heard weird murmerings or whispers. But that is all the weirdness that has happened to me recently in that house and I was certainly ever-so-grateful for my parent's return.

And of course I originally wasn't going to accept their money, but after those dreadful nights alone, I figured I pretty much deserved it! Call me a bad person if you will, but I felt very much deserving of any kind of reward for putting up with all that!

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