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A Poltergeist Story



This is a story my mother told my brothers and me when she felt we were old enough and was later verified by various family members. When my mom was about 13 years old, (around 1970) my grandma, grandpa and several of my mom's brothers and sisters all moved to Sharon, Wisconsin.

They lived in a big house with a basement. Mom tells us of times where her and my Aunt Patty would find all their clothes (still on the hangers) in a heap in the middle of the room. They would put them away thinking maybe their younger brothers would do it. Until one night when the boys went fishing with my grandpa.

They were asleep when they heard banging in the other rooms like the guys were back. Mom was excited that they were back already and was getting ready to get up and see her dad when something caught her eye.

One of the shirts (still on the hanger) floated out of her closet. No one was near it and Aunt Patty was still in bed. It fell in a heap in the middle of the room. Mom and Aunt Patty were terrified!

They ran into her parent's room expecting to find her dad still awake, getting ready for bed. But there was only grandma. None of them had made it back yet. Grandma scolded them for waking her up and sent them back to their room, but mom was scared so she went downstairs to sleep.

While she was lying on the couch she heard the same opening and closing of doors upstairs and footsteps coming down the stairs. She hid her head under the blanket and heard the basement door open and shut. By this time, Buddy, the German shepherd, was raising Cain!

Grandma came downstairs and mom told her again what happened, but again, grandma scolded her and sent her to bed. Later she was telling her brothers and Dad about it. The brothers kind of laughed and said that every night their bedroom door opened and shut and they were always hearing footsteps and some of their stuff was always disappearing and reappearing in the basement on the steps.

My mom and uncles swear to this day that it's true. I think Mom said the name of the street was Stuart or Stewart street. I've always wondered if the house still stood.

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