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Strange Ball of Light and Cologne



Back in 2008, my husband and his long-time friend were going on a week-long hunting trip. My husband's friend asked if his girlfriend Patty could spend the week at our home with me. They lived in a rural area and she had no car and would be basically alone the entire week otherwise. I was fine with that, but felt a little uncomfortable since I had never met her before.

The third night she was here, I had been vacuuming the family room and she was sitting on the couch. I noticed her frantically wave her hands at me. I shut the vacuum off and said, "What?"

She was so excited and jumpy. Patty blurted out, "I was watching you and this tiny ball of light was following you and just like tracing the outline of your body. It's the strangest thing I have ever seen."

I really didn't know what to make of it. I looked around the room for a source: a reflection, outside source, etc. I couldn't find one though. No TV, mirrors, and the blinds were drawn.

Patty shook her head. "No, no... you don't understand," she said. "It was a light that acted like it was intelligent, like it was deliberately following you." We both shrugged it off after a few minutes, having no explanation for it.

That night Patty fell asleep on the couch while I sat in a chair reading. That's when I saw something move. I looked over and there was a tiny ball of light casually traveling along the back of the couch. It then slowly drifted off the end of the couch and faded out, like a lightening bug fading out.

I was so shocked because I knew that's what Patty had seen earlier. She was right. This light seemed like it had intelligence. I don't know how else to explain it.

I eventually fell asleep in the chair, only to wake to Patty now awake and frantically saying, "Do you smell that?" I opened my eyes and she jumped up off the couch and started looking around the room. That's when I smelled it, too. It was a heavy man's cologne just stifling the entire room. It was so strong, I wanted to hold my breath and it actually woke Patty.

I jumped up and I just knew this was something paranormal. Patty darted out of the room in search of the scent. I got up calling her to just come back. I knew there would be no source to find. She came back and I said, "Don't bother..." and I didn't have to finish saying it; the scent was gone. I mean not dissipated, just gone that quick.

We did do a complete walk-through of the entire house to see if a broken bottle of perfume or cologne could be found, but of course nothing ever turned up to cause it. The rest of the week nothing more happened, and I wonder to this day what on Earth was happening that night.

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