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The Floating Shoe



This happened June 21, 2003 in a small town in Nebraska. The night was nice and warm, and we were inside watching an old movie. I was a child and was with my aunt and sister. The mother and father were drinking with relatives outside by a fire having fun, and we were, too.

At the end of the movie, the TV shut off. All I know is the remote didn't have any batteries and no one went up to turn it off. We went to the kitchen and let it slip our mind. We came back with sodas and junk food. (We were kids; of course there needed to be junk food to have fun).

But before we got back to the living room, we heard the screen door slamming not once but three times. We rushed into the living room and a shoe was sitting there in mid-air, not hovering up and down, but just in mid-air, completely still. In almost no time it sped off as if it was thrown toward us. It missed us, but it knocked over our tiny crucifix (which was made of glass) and broke it.

This incident broke my peace of mind, and every time we go back I am always watching for something, waiting for it to happen again. I remember it as if it were yesterday.

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