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Angry Scream from Nowhere



This incident took place about eight years ago during a summer afternoon of 2005. I was in my room looking at some of my Amazing Spider-Man comics (I was a HUGE Spider-Man fan back then), and it was dead-quiet except for the sound of the breeze outside my window.

I was at total peace until the silence was disturbed by a faint buzzing. Not an electrical buzzing, but something like a bee or a mosquito's buzz, except that it was pretty loud. At the same time, the room suddenly heated up. For a summer afternoon, it wasn't unusual for my room to heat up. When the sun would move from above the clouds, the ray of light would warm up the place. Anyway, it wasn't unusual, but it was strange that it happened so fast, and the sun was blocked by the clouds.

I got up off my bed to check for the source of the buzzing noise when a loud, deep, booming voice started screaming from... well, to this day I'm still not sure. The screaming didn't have any specific area of origin; it was as if it was just there, coming from nowhere.

It sounded like a scream of anger, like someone was furious. I immediately started crying hysterically. What was this voice and why was it screaming at me? It stopped for a second, only to start again. I started screaming and continued. I felt as if something wanted to harm me.

I started hysterically screaming for my mom. Eventually, my sister burst into the room, and just as the door opened, the screaming stopped. I was too terrified to be able to explain anything, so I just said I had a nightmare.

Eight years later, I am now 15 years old and I'm getting shivers and tears in my eyes as I write this. It was a very traumatic event, and I never slept in that room again.

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