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Bedroom Ghost



Two incidents happened to me in the past year in the bedroom at our house. We live out in the country -- Somerville, Ohio, in an old farm house.

Our bedroom has been remodeled and is a big master bedroom with a full bath. We are in the process of remodeling one of the rooms downstairs and the paranormal activity seems to be picking up in our house a bit now. Even though we have had our share of unexplained things happen in the past.

The first incident happened around March. I was getting ready to go to sleep and was standing at the bathroom sink brushing my teeth. I felt something touch my behind; it felt like a small hand pressing against me hard, like a child would do when they need something. I am average height, so a small child would just about hit me at the point where I felt the hand pushing against me.

At first I thought it was our dog Leo because sometimes when he wants water or something else, he comes up behind me and nuzzles me with this nose. He always sleeps with my husband and me, so I turned around expecting to see Leo behind me. I was surprised when I turned around and Leo was sound asleep on our bed. Nothing was there. Something definitely touched me.

The second incident happened just two weeks ago. Again I was getting ready to go to sleep and it was hot. We have a ceiling fan over our bed and I decided to turn it on. The fan has three speeds: low, medium, and high. I remember asking my husband if I should turn it up because I turned it on low. He said no, it will cool down later tonight and it is fine. The fan is also a light so you can turn the fan off completely and just turn the lights on if you wish or use both lights and fan.

Anyway, I woke up to go to the bathroom later in the night. It was very hot and I remember thinking as I was going over to the bathroom area, Gee, I need to turn that fan up higher. As I was getting ready to go back to sleep, I checked the fan and it was completely off. I thought I must have turned the fan off instead of turning it on low because the fan blades were turning when I went to sleep, but maybe the fan was going off.

So I pulled the fan chain and it was weird... it wasn't working at all. Now I know one thing for sure: the switch on the wall for the fan/light was turned on when I went to bed. Even if I had turned the fan part to off, the chain will turn it back to low, medium, or high.

I thought, Wow, I guess the whole light/fan system is burnt up or something and we will have to get a new one. I went over to the wall -- and this is where it gets pretty scary because the wall switch was off. I turned it on and, sure enough, the fan started working. How the wall switch ended up off I will never know. I had the switch on when I went to bed because I turned the fan on very high before I turned it on low. My husband was right there. I even turned the light switch on the fan on for a few minutes so I could see my phone. That scared me pretty badly.

What is very strange is my son said he saw a little girl dressed in white Victorian type clothing in our bedroom a few years ago. Maybe it is her playing around with us.

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