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The Floating Vase



This happened to a friend of mine who lived in another neighborhood across a main road from mine. Her name was Jess. This happened while she was house-sitting for her parents during the summer of 2001. She was the only one home during this.

One night while she was in her room, in the midst of falling asleep, she heard a loud banging noise coming from the room next to hers. The room adjacent to hers was used as the computer room. The banging beat againt the wall that separated both rooms and then it sounded like the computer desk completely tipped over.

Alarmed that there might be an intruder, Jess leapt from her bed, dashed into the computer room, and flipped the light on. Everything was as it should've been. No desk flipped over. No noises to account for the banging sounds. Jess was distraught, but tried to convince herself that she only dreamt it. She returned to bed and no further incidences happened that night.

The next morning as she arose sleepily and walked down the hall to the stairs, she glanced into the computer room. She stopped dead. A terra-cotta vase that was handpainted blue by her mother and stood 12" tall, was floating in mid-air in the center of the room! Jess stared in disbelief, taking a step into the room. As she neared the vase, it slowly floated to the right and set itself back on the shelf it had come from!

No further incidences happened since then, but she says her two cats absolutely NEVER go into that room. A few months later, we found out some history about the neighborhood. It's fairly new, only had been built in 1998. Before it was a housing development, it was an apple orchard that had been there for decades. Many workers had fallen out of the trees to their deaths over the years, including the owner on Christmas Day, 1994. A couple months later, his family sold the property.

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