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Poltergeists Abound



This first incident happened in November, 2009, in Texas. The second and third were in April, 2011, in Delaware, at my office. I've never been a big believer in paranormal activities, so I usually shrugged off most of the things I heard or saw.

After I graduated basic training, I had to stay around for about a week to wait for the rest of the members, who were going to school with me to graduate. Another girl I graduated with and I were given extra duties around the dorms, and we were put in one of the bays to edit some reading material. Our instructor came in, gave us our covers (they were in another bay) and said he was going to grab something to eat, and when we were done, we could do the same. We nodded, and he left.

Probably about ten minutes later, we heard the door to the bay open, the door to the bathroom slam, the light turn on, and the water in the sink start running. We just looked at each other, and the girl I was with asked if the instructor came back already. I shrugged, so we got up to look.

When the bathroom door slams in those training bays, it's a distinct, unmistakeable sound, so we were expecting the door to be closed. The door was propped open, light off, and no one else around. We didn't even have to look at each other -- we booked it.

We were on the third floor of the dorms, so we started running down the stairs. There are two doors on every level that lead to separate dorms, and we heard ALL of them open and slam shut, but not one of them physically opened. We were out of there in a heartbeat and refused to go back without someone with us.

This next incident was in April, 2011. I was sitting in my office alone after dark, and I heard footsteps upstairs. I looked out the window to see if there were any cars outside and, of course, no cars except mine were in the parking lot. I went back to my work and shrugged it off, thinking the office was settling.

A little while later, I heard footsteps again, a door upstairs close, and after a couple seconds, the toilet flush. I freaked out, starting gathering my stuff, and headed out the door. As I was leaving, I had to pass a flight of stairs and just glanced up real quick on my way out. The door on the top of the stairs has a glass panel, and I could see the outline of what looked like a person on the other side of the door. I was out, in my car in a hurry.

As I was pulling out, I glanced up at the top floor and could see what looked like the same shadow on the top floor, looking out the window. I sped away as fast as I could. I still refuse to go into that office if I'm alone or if it's dark.

The last and most recent incident I can remember was later that month, April, 2011. A coworker of mine always talked about how he has "something" following him, no matter where he moves. Since he was a kid, he remembers seeing, hearing, and feeling "things."

A few different incidents: He would call me and say, "I'm not joking, every door in my house is opening and closing on its own right now." His TV remote would spin on the table by itself. The TV would turn on and off randomly, bowls would get moved from the cabinets and slowly started going missing, and his blinds would be all jacked up when he got home from work.

I always shrugged it off, told him he was over-reacting or imagining things. So we were sitting at my desk, which is in a customer service area, a few minutes after the office closed. He was talking about his ghost and I was arguing with him again, saying he's being a drama queen.

No sooner had those words left my mouth then a pen came out of nowhere and hit me in the chest. He was looking down when it happened and I was looking at him. I guess he caught it out of the corner of his eye and saw the look of pure shock and fear on my face. The pen came out from above his shoulder aimed right at me. I was dumbfounded. I just looked at him and all he had to say was, "What? My ghost has a good sense of humor. I don't know what to tell you."

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