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Pot Project Poltergeist



The whole situation began at my current residence in Arkansas during 2008, and involved two separate buildings. The larger one was the main house, which I spent most of my time in, and the second was the spare house, which I would go to occasionally to... well, smoke marijuana.

At the time there would be strange sounds and paranoia from the feeling of someone or something watching me, but of course I would shrug it off and blame it on the high. After several incidences, everything quit and I long forgot about it all.

Just recently, about a year or so ago, I quit smoking marijuana entirely for a job and installed a TV and satellite dish for the spare house, which I basically made my "man hole."

As I sat there one night on my off days playing video games in my underwear, a very loud thud came from underneath the house in the exact spot I was sitting. I, being the adventurous type, went outside and looked underneath the house in the crawl space with a flashlight... to yield no results.

Everything was calm for a few weeks until I had another set of off days and returned to my man hole. Since I hadn't smoked in months, I decided since I am a dedicated marijuana believer that I would begin to grow plants (two) in the roof of my man hole and started the project.

The project was going great. It could never be noticed and everything was set up. As I was working in the attic while messing with my phone, from downstairs I heard extremely loud, heavy and disturbing footsteps. Again, I went to investigate and nothing was there.

Now since the entrance to the attic was outside, I didn't have to go in the house to check on my "project". And finally a few weeks later I was off from work again. I was up in the attic and it had just got dark, again a thud came about, this time even more violent, downstairs. I went to investigate. I opened the door to the house ever so slowly to discover the bed has been moved to the other side of the house and was upside down! The chair was directly in front of the door facing it, and the TV was approximately six feet from the wall. It was hanging on and completely unharmed.

Call it want you want, but there was no explanation as to how it all happened. I wasn't high, no one was there, and there still isn't an explanation. I know it's not the scariest story and may have lasted longer than it should've, but that's my story and everything I stated is true.

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