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Kitchen Poltergeist



This took place in 2010. We were living in a big but not very big house. No one has lived there for a long time, but it's still pretty. We were in the Philippines.

A year passed and nothing unexplainable happened, but in the second year of us living there, something happened. That evening, my mom, our maid, and I were in my bedroom upstairs. We were doing some stuff.

My bedroom has an inner window where one can see the whole living room. So while we're doing stuff, we heard either knocks on our entrance door and kitchen utensils banging. I'm not sure if the utensils banging came first, but from downstairs we can hear utensils banging and someone eating from the kitchen; the noise of the spoon, the fork, and the plate really made us think someone was eating there.

But no one was downstairs since we were the Only ones in the house. Then we heard knocks on the door several times. Our maid went down to take a peek, but when she opened the door, no one was there. Also, at random times when I'm sleeping I can hear a man calling me.

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