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Mysterious Coin Appearances



My 41-year-old wife passed away in our bed August, 2007, four months after my mother passed (not in the house). I have never had any experience with anything "supernatural" my whole life. I remarried November of 2011.

I had flown in my auntie and cousin for the ceremony, which was held in Las Vegas. The morning they arrived, my fiance and I met them at the hotel I put them up in, and they met my fiance for the first time. We all had breakfast in one of the restaurants there.

After the meal, I stepped away to have a cigarette, sitting down at a vacant and unoccupied bar. Totally alone, I felt something hit my lap, as my legs were under the bar. I noticed two coins that came from... well, you got me. I looked around to see if my cousin was playing a trick or something, but they all were still at their table.

I picked up the coins. One was a penny and the other some kind of European coin. There is absolutely no explanation for these coins to fall from under the bar.

Since then, as I was taking a shower just yesterday, a quarter fell to the tiled floor in our shower. I asked my wife if she left a quarter in the shower that I may have hit with my body, but she says she doesn't take coins in the shower.

In my house, that was passed on to me (the same house I grew up in and where my wife passed), we've had a wine glass shatter from nowhere; in the bathroom, toilet paper unravelled in a perfect coil on the floor; doors slamming; things turning off and on.

We accept these as being "real" from a spirit of either my wife, folks, or something. There are way too many experiences to be imagined.

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