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Poltergeist at Mum's House



This took place on July 15, 2012. I live Brisbane, Australia. I was asked to house-sit my mum's house as she was going to my granddad's funeral out of town. She lives on a large property and has chickens and a dog and asked me to look after everything there.

The house always gave me the creeps. I feel like someone is there when I am alone. It's a two-story house. There is a main staircase that goes to the front door, and to the left is a door that leads to a large room, which is mainly storage; next is a double garage.

Other times that I have house-sat for her, it sounded like someone was moving furniture or making loud bangs down in the storage room. I have gone down in the past and nothing has been touched. There is no way that anyone could get in as security is a big thing for my mum. I locked up before dark, and these things only happen late at night.

My mum's dog Jess will not go past the door, or she stays at the top of the stairs when it's just me there.

So I stayed up late, about twelve, then decided to go to bed. Jess lay beside me. I tuned off the lamp. I was lying in bed for not even five minutes when I felt something in the room with me. I saw something at the door (it was closed), then it walked across the foot of the bed and walked up toward the left side of the bed toward me.

I could not believe what I was seeing. Even Jess sat up and looked at it. It walked into the drapes to my left and vanished. I could see through it and it was about the size of a ten- or twelve-year-old kid. I saw no features or face; the inside looked like static that you get in a TV.

I know what I saw. I was not dreaming or even close to sleep. I freaked out and turned on the light. My girlfriend came over 15 minutes later. I was so glad and told her what happened. I did not see it again and hope not to. Not sure about house-sitting my mum's house any time soon.

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