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Specter Calls Me



I live in the little town of Evening Shade, Arkansas with my husband Terry, five dogs and two cats. My husband has MS, is bedridden, and his room is at the other end of our mobile home from mine. If he needs me during the night, he yells for me. Over the years I have become aware of his calling me and am a very light sleeper.

One night a few weeks ago, I had just gotten into bed and I heard him calling for me. "Kitty," his nickname for me, seemed a little louder than usual and a little strange, so I rushed to his room only to find him fast asleep and snoring! I knew I had heard him call, but thought he called out in his sleep. So I went back to my room, crawled into bed and lay my head down.

Again I heard, "Kitty," only louder this time. And again I went to his room, and again he was sleeping soundly. This kind of unnerved me, but figured I was very tired and hearing things.

I went back toward my room when I heard my name being said very close to me. I knew I hadn't imagined it this time because my big dogs head shot up and he growled. I thought, Keep a cool head,now.

"Who are you? Why are you calling me?"


"Whoever you are, I can't sleep if you keep calling my name. Please stop!" Since that night, just before I go to bed, I hear someone call, "Kitty." I say, "I'm going to bed now and please don't call for me!"

I am going to get a digital recorder and have an EVP session to see if I can get some answers.... To be continued!

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