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Summerville Poltergeist



September of 2007, Summerville, South Carolina. Five years ago, my husband and I started smelling a foul odor in our home. For days the smell dragged on. We finally called some people to come and check things out. They checked under our house and walked through the woods and couldn't find anything, no dead animals, nothing at all.

After three days, flies attached themselves to our dining room windows -- only the dining room windows and no others. I never seen so many flies in my life and I am 64 years old.

Anyway, I got a phone call and was told that my husband's father passed away, and just like that the odor and the flies disappeared.

We live in South Carolina on a plantation that before the Civil War held slaves. I know the land is haunted. Here are some of the things that have happened in our home:

We can hear children running and laughing, adults walking, doors opening and closing, things being thrown about, things that go missing and then reappearing in different rooms. A glass dome light fixture over the kitchen sink exploded.

When my grandchildren were young, they had a toy box and kept their toys in there. Just before they came to visit, the toys would be scattered about. Toliet lids, would bang up and down, TVs and radios would come on and off.

Many of the people in our subdivision have also had different experiences; some have more, some have less. I had an electrician and a plummer check things out and everything was fine there.

I would like to know what might have caused the odors and flies. It never happened again. When there is a death in my family, there always is a knock on the door for three days in a row.

We also heard knocking and what sounds like slapping on the walls throughout the house. Can you tell me what might have caused all those flies on the window and the foul odors? I would certainly like other people's views on this. Could the flies and the foul odors be demon connected?

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