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Excited Ghostly Voices



I live in the small town of Evening Shade, Arkansas in the heart of the Bible Belt. My husband and I have a pretty quiet life, except I hear spirits. I never thought of myself as gifted because it doesn't happen all the time... that is, until recently.

At night, when my husband has fallen asleep and the dogs are all settled, I sit in the quiet living room until I get sleepy. For the last month or so, I have heard voices coming from my master bath. My big dog hears them and gets up to investigate with me right behind him.

It sounds like men and women talking. They sound slightly excited, but not in a good way. I heard something about "missing" and what sounds like "Ginny". I have debunked this as being outside noises or fans or a/c units by turning everything off. But the voices were still going when I turned into the bathroom.

I have had this experience several times during the night. There are two very old foundations on our property from the 1800s. We are between two water sources and the ground is mostly of limestone and some quartz. I have always believed in the paranormal and there are others on both sides of my family who have had stories of the paranormal for generations. I am hoping I get to see something and get it on my recorder so I can prove they exist.

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