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Manhattan Poltergeist



I am 13 years old and live with both my parents in Manhattan, New York City. The last couple of months have been extremely weird in my household. Strange tapping on my walls and window panes happen at night, and constant heavy footsteps sounding on the floors, even in rooms that have carpeting.

One night I fell asleep in front of the TV and awoke to the sound of something very heavy being dropped on the carpeted floor in front of me. My eyes flew open and and scanned the room, but there was nothing there. Then I heard the footsteps start at one end by the fireplace and slowly make their way, parallel to the couch I was lying on, and toward the kitchen. It sounded as if it was dragging one of its "feet" along the floor. It stopped right before it reached the linoleum.

That was it for me! I jumped from that couch and ran up to my room.

A few nights later, my dad awoke to the sound of crashing noises downstairs, as if someone was picking up the microwave and other appliances and throwing them against the walls and the floor. Thinking there was an intruder, he grabbed the baseball bat that he keeps under the bed and slowly crept downstairs.

When he flicked on the light, there was nobody there and everything was as it should be. The doors and windows were still locked and none of the appliances had been moved. My 6'5" father said he was scared to death! He has no idea what could've made that sound.

The third incident that happened recently happened one night as I was heading to bed. I went to flip the light switch in the kitchen when there was this tremendous bright flash. And then a loud popping and what sounded like glass shattering. There was a flashlight in our junk drawer that I went to retrieve. I turned it on and swung the light back and forth, trying to find the source of the noises. That's when my light shone on the glass lightbulbs laying broken on the floor.

After a moment of studying the scene, I concluded that somehow the circuits had caused a massive electrical outage and all three lightbulbs in the chandelier that hangs above our kitchen table somehow burst and shattered when they hit floor.

I was very lucky I had not been standing underneath the chandelier. I always thought it would be kind of cool to live in a haunted house, but now I'm not so sure.

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