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Poltergeist Threw Jewelry Box



My house is haunted. I live in an old town in Missouri. It's very small and it's on the Trail of Tears. My house was built in the 1930s and it's gone through not too many owners, as far as I know.

I'm used to hauntings and different spirits, but I have not had any physically attack me before by throwing things, not like what happened around the Ash Wednesday of 2012.

Houses around these parts, though, usually have something in them. But they don't attack... usually. There are three spirits in my house. An old man, Mr. Drennen and his wife, who died here from old age and very peacefully at least 10 years ago. We still get their mail. Mr. Drennen is an active ghost. We'll hear him walking on the floor with heavy boots and whistling casually in the hall. We'll hear his voice sometimes. He's very friendly.

His wife, though, is just a residual spirit. What she did in her life is repeated over and over again. We'll hear the tap of her heels on the floor, but that's all.

The third spirit I have this strong feeling is in his 30s. He's not related to the Drennens... well, at least I don't think he is. He doesn't like it when I have boys over at the house. My mom hasn't had any experience with this man, but I know he is here because I feel him and he's done things.

Like what happened around the Ash Wednesday of 2012. Now, I have a sailor's mouth, but for this religious day I wanted to keep from cursing out loud. But that morning for school, that was not going to sit well with this guy.

Before I continue, I have to explain what's on my dresser: three porclein dolls, two jewlery boxes that look like dressers, and many books and usueless crap. One jewelry box is gorgeous mahogany with stained glass and the other was painted blue and purple, like a mystical starry night and given to me by a good friend.

Anyway, I was getting dressed for school and was being optimistic about not cussing. I turned to face my dresser to get a shirt when out of nowhere the freaking purple and blue jewelry box was tossed at me! I watched it make a perfect ark in the air toward me. It didn't fall; it was lifted and thrown!

This didn't freak me out. That early in the morning, nothing freaks me out. It just upset me. I was able to just barely dodge it and cuss out loud. There goes my attempt to be a good kid! The jewelry box completely shattered and splintered, the screws came out, and the glass shattered on my carpet floor. (It is so hard to get glass out of carpet!)

That jewelry box is still sitting in a corner of my room, broken in pieces. One of these days I'll fix it. Many things have happened, but I thought this was the most entertaining.

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