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Southamptom Poltergeist



Southampton, England. The house my family and I moved into seven years ago is pre-war, and has a lot of history. We have experiences most nights, all year round. We see a dark figure, who looks like a monk. He walks down the garden and disappears, has scared guests on occassion (seen by four seperate people), and recently appeared at my door.

Last year, we had lights switiching themsleves off and on, and the TV would switch itself on at 3 a.m. every morning. Plates were picked up and thrown down on the table. Children's toys were pushed across the floor, cupboard handles tinkled, and a little girl, I imagine, runs around upstairs.

Every year, from September to December, doors open and shut, we hear footsteps, and sometimes a child weeping. When we go to investigate, there's no one there.

Recently, it got really scary. It started with thumping and banging on the walls. A guest saw a bright blue orb in my son's room. Another guest stayed the night and wasn't able to sleep until 3 a.m. because pans and plates were banged in my kitchen.

Then my son started to complain about seeing eyes, a couple of days later, my son was awakened by his bed shaking... and a man with a knife approaching him. My son said he was see-through, but he could see him, given that he's only 9.

I'm scared that this could happen again. We keep getting cold blasts of air across our faces, cats appear in the bedroom (we are joined by them at night as they pad our legs), and a dark figure appears next to my little boy's cot some nights. What should I do?

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