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Vancouver Poltergeist



The phenomenon I'm about to relay started happening around the fall of 2008 and has continued intermittently since. We live in Canada, just north of Vancouver, B.C.

My spouse and I have both had experiences, but they seem predominantly focused on me. I believe what I have experienced is some type of demonic or spirit activity... maybe both.

It started quite dramatically, with clawing sounds coming from the walls and floor in our bedroom at night when we were asleep. We would wake, quickly turn on the lights... to nothing. It was very obvious the sounds were coming from inside, sometimes right beside my head.

Soon after, I was regularly experiencing my side of the mattress being pushed up and down, as well as being poked and "scratched" at by what felt like human hands through the mattress! We would both also feel soft touches to our legs and feet when lying in bed or on the couch watching TV.

We would both see lights and floating orbs of blue or orange light, hear strange knocking, and hear kitchen cabinets open and close when no one was there. We would feel cold spots in different locations, hear things being moved around in other rooms when no one was there, and I would sometimes hear my name spoken in a low, growling voice when I was alone!

The scariest incident was when I was home alone sick. The remote control flew off the bed, as something proceeded to shake the pillow I was lying on. At the same time, there was a terrifically loud crack or bang sound from under the bed.

Eventually, these things seemed to mostly only happen when I was alone. Even though I'm not a religious person, I got a Bible and recited prayers all around our home on the advice of a friend. These things seem to have tapered off since, but I still get the odd incident. Strange to say the least!

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