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Government Base Poltergeist



I work as a paramedic in the Balneario in the bay of Boqueron, Puerto Rico. We work with the State Government and our base is located on the beach where the scenery is beautiful, white sand, lots of coconut palm trees and American tourists frequenting there.

When I asked for a transfer from Lajas to Boqueron, it is because I live very close to where I work. I was told that the base is haunted. The year was April, 2011 when I was transferred.

Years before I began working there, the base was normal. But it was said that a young paramedic whose family practiced espiritismo carried the spirits to the base, although she was not a worshiper. When she decided to move to Florida, the evil spirits remained in the base.

In 2005, my co-worker, Mingo was on night-shift accompanied by another paramedic assistant, Linares. Linares was knocked out in sleep while Mingo was lying down on the sofa with the walkie talkie on and alert in case an emergency came up. He had his eyes closed when -- whapp! -- a magazine flew toward his face. It was pitch-black dark in the room and he told his buddy to stop it. Linares didn't respond.

Mingo closed his eyes to relax a bit when -- whapp! -- another magazine flew from the table at a distance and hit his face. He got angry and told his buddy in a firm voice to stop it. He noticed that Linares was not aware what was happening because he was still sleeping deep.

Then a whole volley of magazines were flying and hitting him. Mingo began to be aware that this was a supernatural thing and he ran out of the base while Linares still slept fitfully. About an hour later, Linares woke up and saw the magazines strewn all over the floor. The paramedics were picking up the magazines when Mingo's hair was standing up. There was an oppressive feeling in the room. They stayed outside until dawn.

I remember on my first night-shift that I began to feel uneasy the moment my buddy turned off the light. He lay down on the sofa while I relaxed on a chair with a divan and the dispatch radio on standby. I began to get drowsy and going to dreamland when I heard a loud "TICK" tap on the table. My mind pictured a large talon doing such a thing.

I woke up startled with an eerie feeling that I was being watched. I got drowsy again and off to dreamland when "Tick" sounded again. I began to suspect an evil presence. I got drowsy again and closed my eyes again when "tick", it happened again. I rebuked it in the name of Jesus Christ and it didn't bother me again.

The next night when I came for night-shift I was alone at the moment because my buddy did not arrive yet. Therefore, I took the opportunity to close the door and pray and say, "Tonight you are not going to bother me nor my buddy and make our night like Halloween. I know you are powerful but my God, Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ is more powerful than you. I rebuke you in the name of Christ." That night we took turns sleeping while the other remains on alert on the radio. It was a peaceful night.

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